The environment you sleep in has a significant impact on your mental health. A disorganized and cluttered bedroom can increase your stress levels and negatively impact the quality of your rest time. A wardrobe is one of the bedroom installations that help you declutter and organize your bedroom. However, you must carefully choose it to ensure more organized living. Here are the top tips to consider when choosing a wardrobe.


There are different styles of wardrobes from two-door to three-door, sliding wardrobes, fitted, free-standing, mirrored, etc. There are also unlimited options in terms of the hanging space, drawers, shelves, and shoe racks on the inside. Before you buy the wardrobe, find out more about the usage it can provide and consider your storage needs. That will help you ensure that the exterior and interior meet your needs.


Determine the length of space you roughly need to hang your clothes. For instance, if your wardrobe is made up of long dresses, shirts, coats, and gowns, you need hangers that optimize the full length of the wardrobe, while the short outfits and jumpers can hang well in half-length rails.

Modern wardrobes are innovative, with built-in shoe racks, adjustable cubby holes, and jewelry drawers to enhance organization options. Also, consider the depth of the shelves and ensure they are not too deep that the clothes disappear, making it hard to find them.

The size

The size of the wardrobe also matters concerning your storage needs. Many bedrooms only have one spot suitable for placing the closet, so it should fit perfectly. If your budget permits, go as big as possible so that the wardrobe accommodates all your storage needs but be realistic with your space. Ensure the wardrobe leaves enough room for opening doors, walking around, and fitting other items into your bedroom.It is advisable to go as tall as possible to use the top space to store beddings. Most importantly, the wardrobe should have ample hanging space, drawers, and shelves.

Design of the wardrobe

There are different designs and styles of wardrobes, including fitted ones and free-standing ones. The first decision to make is whether you want a fitted wardrobe or a free-standing one. Fitted wardrobes are great for using odd spaces with awkward angles, curves, sloping ceilings, and corners. You can also purchase a free-standing wardrobe that is custom-made. A free-standing wardrobe is available whenever needed and can be moved from one house to another.

You also have to choose between sliding wardrobe doors or hinged doors. Sliding wardrobes maximize space and storage, while hinged doors are more traditional. A doorless wardrobe allows you to create a display while storing your clothes. Depending on your storage needs, you also need to decide whether you want a two-door or three-door wardrobe.

Style of the wardrobe

There are many styles of wardrobes, from versatile classics to slick contemporary, high gloss, minimalistic Scandinavian chic, ornate french boudoir, etc. Since a closet is a dominant feature in your bedroom, it contributes to the overall stylistics of your bedroom. Small touches like the handles also impact the overall appeal of the wardrobe. It is advisable to select a wardrobe that complements the rest of your decor, including the chest drawers, dressing table, and bedside cabinets.

Material and finish

The material and finish of the wardrobe also contribute to its overall style. You can choose solid wood, particleboard, a painted, matte, or gloss finish. With such options, you can mix and match to create a bespoke style unique to you. You can also integrate mirrors to create a good effect.

Final word

Ensure the wardrobe is strong enough and safe if free-standing, especially if you have kids who may be tempted to use it as a climbing frame.

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