Polished Plaster Trends That You Need To Know

Polished Plaster Trends That You Need To Know


Polished plaster has been used for a long time, especially in old houses, to give the walls a beautiful texture. In this article, we talk about polished plaster and how it can be achieved at home.

Polished Plaster vs. Other Types of Plasters

There are several types of plasters that you can choose from when renovating your home. Polished plaster is made from a mixture of lime and marble powder that has been oiled to give the wall a glossy finish when it dries.

This type of plaster is also derived from gypsum combined with different types of sands, limestone, marble powder, and other substances. In addition to this, you can add pigments to the mixture for color.

However, the use of polished plaster is typically manufactured by professional decorators because it has a lot of intricate steps to follow in the right order. This type of plaster is also known as Venetian plaster and can be used not only on walls but also on ceilings, floors, and soffits.

Below are some polished plaster trends that you need to know:

1. Metallic Finish

The metallic finish is a trend that has been around for quite some time now, and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. It is a luxurious finish that makes the walls look outstanding and instantly transforms a room from dull to interesting. Metallic finishes can easily take your home interiors from average to glamorous in no time!

2. Colored Plasters

It is another type of plaster that has been making rounds in interior designing. It works very well for commercial spaces since they can choose any color according to their brand standards. However, colored plasters are also used in residential homes, especially if you want to give your home a unique look and feel.

3. Textured Plasters

The texture is one of the most important factors to consider when creating finishes on walls or ceilings. When using polished plaster, you can create any texture you want, but it is best not to overdo it because certain textures only work well with designs of different rooms in your home.

4. Decorative Finishes

The polished plaster trend does not just include using plasters on their own; it also includes decorating them further to give your home a unique look and feel. Decorating your plasters can be done by creating different patterns or adding finishes to them to give your wall an extra touch of glamour.

The most commonly used patterns are bands, diamonds, and zigzags. You can also finish your polished plaster by adding metallic paints or wooden boards to give them a more natural feel.

5. Hand Scraped Plaster

Hand-scraped plasters are another trend that you need to have in your mind when creating plasters for your home. This type of plaster is a combination of polished and distressed plasters that add a sense of warmth into an otherwise cold décor.

Hand-scraped plasters can look amazing when paired with metallic finishes because it adds a sense of coziness to the room. In addition to this, you can use them in your bedroom or living area since they create a sense of intimacy.

6. Stenciled Plasters

Stenciled plasters are another trend that is becoming popular these days. This type of plaster can be made with various stencils and patterns so you can choose the one that best suits your wall décor. You can use different stencils to create amazing patterns or a single stencil for a simple yet elegant finish.

In a nutshell, polished plaster is a beautiful finish that can be used to give your home a luxurious look and feel. If you want to transform the look of your living space completely, consider using polished plaster on some of its walls or ceilings.

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