history of Control4

A brief history of Control4


The story behind Control4

Control4 is one of the world’s leading brands for operating smart home automation systems. Providing a cohesive and intuitive experience, it enables homeowners and businesses to access and programme various aspects of their smart home – often without leaving the sofa. Connecting with a host of products and technologies, from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to Sonos, Apple and Sony, it makes everyday living more convenient and energy efficient. But what’s the story behind the brand?


Control4 was established back in 2003 by Eric Smith, Will West and Mark Morgan. As one of the earliest entrants into the home automation market, it debuted at the 2004 CEDIA Expo home technology trade show, and released its first products later that year.

By April 2008, the company had grown rapidly, employing 180 people at its base in Utah as well as 70 skilled hardware and software engineers. In just four years it had become a leader in affordable IP-based home control and entertainment systems, with Will West being named Utah CEO of the Year by the Utah Technology Council (UTC).


In 2011 Martin Plaehn joined Control4 as CEO, and two years later it became a publicly traded company. Eric Smith and Will West stepped back the following year, moving onto new ventures together. In August 2019, the business merged with Snap AV, combining to form Snap One in 2021.

Today, Control4 is the flagship smart home automation brand for Snap One and enjoys global success. Available in over 100 countries, it runs in some 475,000 homes, orchestrating 15 million connected devices worldwide. The dealer network has expanded to almost 6,000 authorised providers, who install, configure and maintain the systems, delivering a personalised smart home experience.

What can you do with Control4?

Control4 provides a seamlessly connected experience, enabling users to automate many aspects of their homes with the touch of a button. Here are just some of the things you can do once your Control4 installer has fitted your system:

  • Automate and remotely control indoor and outdoor lights and window shading to deliver the optimum combination of natural and artificial light at any time of day.
  • Integrate and manage security systems, including cameras, smart locks, motion sensors and more.
  • Control home entertainment such as multi-room audio and home cinema technology, and access streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video and Spotify.
  • Automate and remotely control heating and ventilation systems.

Remote monitoring

One key advantage of Control4 is that it can be monitored and managed remotely by your dealer. For example, if your local Control4 specialist in Kent is alerted to any network issues, they can fix them before you’re even aware that something is wrong. Similarly, they can carry out updates remotely, so there’s no need to contact them in order to get the latest functionality or upgrades.

As one of the world’s most recognised smart home operating system providers, Control4 is a top choice if you’re looking for integrated and flawless control. Contact an authorised dealer to learn more.

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