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AC Chemical Cleaning: Why and When it is Needed


It is necessary to have your air conditioner serviced and maintained regularly if you want to ensure that it will continue to operate efficiently for many years to come. Regular cleaning is a great method to keep the air conditioner in good health, but it may also require a chemical cleaning once a year or every two years in addition to routine cleaning.

An aircon chemical cleaning service effectively removes obstinate dirt, germs, debris, and other particles collected in the unit. In addition, it properly cleans the air filters, enabling them to provide clean and healthy air into your room, whether at home or your place of employment.

What exactly is meant by “chemical cleaning” of an air conditioner?

The term “chemical cleaning” refers to using various chemicals to clean the various parts of an air conditioner. This entails disassembling the air conditioning systems in part or in their entirety and washing them with a specific cleaning solvent.

The chemical eliminates dust, dirt stains, mildew, sticky material, acid, and other substances that build up over time in the air conditioner and allows it to function properly again. The air conditioning pipes are cleaned, disinfected, and unclogged, and muck and algae are flushed out.

Is it necessary to chemically clean the air conditioner?

Yes! Your air conditioner has to go through a chemical cleaning process. The cleaning ensures that the air conditioner continues to run at its highest capacity and for the longest possible time. In addition, it is the most effective and convenient method for removing sticky dirt, debris, and other stuff from all areas of the air conditioner.

What are the advantages of chemical cleaning your AC?

The following are some of the advantages that come from having your air conditioner undergo chemical cleaning:

  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in the AC’s operation.
  • An improvement in the air quality.
  • Extending the product’s lifespan together with all of its components.
  • Decreases energy use, which results in cost savings for power
  • Complete removal of dust, germs, debris, and any other foreign particles that may be present.
  • Elimination of offensive odours
  • A decrease in the number of unexpected or regular breakdowns.
  • Takes care of the noise.
  • Prevents leaks and drips from occurring.

How frequently should you get your air conditioner chemically cleaned?

It is recommended that a chemical clean be performed on an air conditioner at least once per year, particularly if it is in high usage, and at least once every two years if it is not in regular use.

When you detect some of the indicators listed below, it is also time for you to do a chemical cleaning:

  • Leakages or drips: when the air conditioner begins dripping, it may be because the drainage pipes have become blocked.
  • When there is little to no cold air coming from the air conditioner, this indicates that the coils and the condenser are unclean, and it also indicates that the internal pipes are possibly clogged.
  • The air conditioner has a foul odour.

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