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Usher Wealth And Prosperity Into Your Home With These Vastu Tips For The Locker


Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian practice of architecture that helps create perfect home interior designs. It takes into account the five elements of nature, as well as directions and energies associated with them, to ensure that our homes are in harmony with the environment.

Moreover, it is believed that if a home is constructed as per Vastu Shastra guidelines, it will bring peace and prosperity to the inhabitants. When it comes to house design,  Vastu Shastra provides several tips to ensure that the home is energy efficient and free from any negative influences.

Vastu tips for the locker rooms in your home interior designs  can be particularly helpful in creating good vibes and encouraging positive cash flow into the house. The locker is a storage space that needs to be placed carefully according to Vastu guidelines as it is associated with wealth and fortune.

Get ready to usher wealth and prosperity into your home with these Vastu tips for the locker.

Proper Placement of the Locker

Ø  Avoid placing lockers in the southwest, southeast, and northeast corner of your home at all costs. This will help you reduce financial losses and unnecessary expenditures.

Ø  Do not place the locker directly opposite the main door or other doors and windows of the house. This will help reduce cash outflow from the house.

Ø  Always place your lockers at least 1 inch away from the walls of your house. This is to improve the circulation of cosmic vibration in your house.

Ø  Your locker should face northwards for maximum benefits. It is best to place the locker with its back towards the south and the doors opening towards the north. This is because it is believed that the god of wealth, Kuber, resides in the north.

The Shape, Color, and Material of the Locker

Ø  Always choose lockers in a standard rectangle or square shape.

Ø  It is ideal to buy a locker made of metal. You can place wooden pieces under the legs of the locker. You should make sure your locker has legs and the locker doesn’t touch the ground directly.

Ø  Yellow is believed to be the best color for a locker. This is because yellow signifies fulfillment, abundance, auspiciousness, and happiness.

Ø  Your locker room should be equal in dimensions, including height, to that of the other rooms in the house.

The Arrangement of Valuable Items in the Locker

Ø  Place all your valuable items, such as jewelry, gold, and cash, in the south or west corner of the locker. This will increase your prosperity and wealth.

Ø  Never place a mirror inside your locker. This will affect the cash flow and make unnecessary distractions to your wealth.

Ø  Make sure you don’t place anything above or below your locker. Avoid storing old and unused items or pictures and statues of god inside or in front of the locker.

Other Vastu Tips for Locker in Your House

Ø  Placing a tiny fountain in your locker room will increase cash flow and bring more positive energy to the room.

Ø  Keep the locker room clean and clutter-free at all times.

Ø  Always keep clocks in your house and wristwatches on the table in working condition.

Ø  Keep the lockers in a way that is not easily visible to guests in your house.

Ø  Do not allow unwanted entries to the locker room.

Ø  Do not place the locker in a room with more than one door. In addition, it is best to keep your locker in a room that has a two-shuttered door.

Ø  Keeping a mirror in front of the locker is believed to have the power to double your wealth.

Ø  Never construct or place your locker under a beam.

Vastu Shastra helps us to create harmonious home interior designs, and these Vastu tips for home can be incredibly beneficial in ushering wealth and prosperity into your house. You can try implementing the above-mentioned Vastu tips for home to attract and retain wealth in your home.

Are you planning to incorporate a locker room into your house design? If yes, it would be best to get expert advice from professional interior designers to create an optimal design that follows Vastu Shastra guidelines. This will help to ensure that you are making the most of the space and avoiding any negative influences.

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