Service offerings and contracts

Service offerings and contracts: differences and importance


As for the contract, it is a legal document that confirms to a client , exactly, what you will do, when and at what price. In short, a service offer is a proposal, while a CON trat is a CON firmation.

The table below summarizes the 10 main differences between a service offering and a contract. It clearly shows how their nature differs. Whether it’s performing the roofing work, writing a service offer or building your contractor-client relationship, quality must govern every step of the way.

And it starts with your first contact, your sales pitch and the resulting service offering.

We have already discussed the importance of the first impression . We have also formulated our recommendations for effective sales pitches.

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When you write a service offer, you have already taken the crucial step of the sales presentation.

After you’ve presented your sales pitch to them, you should send your prospect a follow-up email thanking them for their time and attention. Take this opportunity to reiterate your interest in serving him and to inform him of the date on which he will receive your offer of service.

It is important to submit your service offer before your competition, especially if it is a roof repair or replacement project and time is of the essence. Always allow realistic leeway when promising a service offer submission date. Above all, never exceed the date you have set. Instead, try to get ahead of it.

Many roofing contractors have already discovered the immense benefits and time savings of mobile applications designed for project estimation, quotation preparation, analytical tracking and more, from their mobile device. .

For example, service provider EagleView Technologies uses drones to take fast and accurate aerial measurements allowing you to accurately estimate a job site.

Other apps like improveit360 greatly simplify the process of writing quotes, allowing you to deliver them to potential customers faster than your competition. This software application is also a customer relationship management (CRM) system that provides you with business advice and analysis.

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The Software Advice ™ review site offers a comprehensive list of applications specifically designed for the roofing and construction industry.

The Reputable Roofing Contractors platform , on the other hand, identifies reliable suppliers who produce professional-quality promotional materials, such as presentation kits , quote templates and documentation on your products.

Always present service offerings that are as neat and true to your brand image as your initial presentation files.

The consistency of your documents reinforces the idea of ​​quality and commitment in the mind of your potential client, whether they are aware of it or not. It is quite possible that your competition is not paying attention to this psychological subtlety.

While it’s still common to try to close a sale with one call, today’s homeowners are more likely to want to check out for themselves what they heard during a sales presentation.

A hand-filled quote or service offer form is still widely accepted, but presentation is important. Don’t be that carefree salesman scribbling numbers on a coffee-rimmed napkin!

Like your presentation, your service offer is essentially a promotional document. At this stage, you are still trying to persuade your potential client to choose your business over another. Let’s see how this translates into practice.

The main reason your potential client requests quotes from multiple contractors is, of course, to compare prices. Having said that, you don’t want to label yourself as the cheapest, but as the best choice.

Therefore, even if you set a price for each option discussed with the owner, you must draw their attention to the value you offer them.Are the manufacturers’ warranties robust?

Consider including all the intangibles that can add value to your offering and set you apart from the competition.

Keep it as simple as possible, while maintaining a friendly and humble, yet persuasive tone. Apply the methods proven in advertising to positively influence your interlocutor:

Focus on the owner rather than yourself.

Use the words “you” and “your” more often than the words “I”, “we” or “our”.
Turn your sentences in such a way that your potential client responds “yes”.
End your service offering with a well-targeted call to action.

Suggest the sale and indicate the next steps.

Studies have shown that a greeting like “Thank you in advance for your (time, consideration, help, collaboration, clientele, etc.)” elicits more responses, because it subconsciously assumes that the action mentioned has already been undertaken by the person to whom the message is addressed.

We hope you put some of these tips into practice the next time you write a service quote, and share your success stories with your colleagues by posting a comment on IKO’s Facebook or Twitter pages .

Let us now look at this highly important document that is the contract between an entrepreneur and his client.

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