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What is sustainable architecture and why are architects talking about it?


A tree rose to nearly 30 storeys in Milan to create a vertical forest. Nearly 800 were getting planned to rise higher. If had they been planted on the ground, they’d have taken 10 times that area. And this was just one example. In Singapore, this idea has seen an extensive scale. Two Million trees have been planted there in the last 45 years. But why? Time demands changes, improvisations, adaptations, and ignoring them can turn brutal. Climate change is not some hypothesis; it is a fact. This climate change has been driving the visionaries from around the world to bring the change required. This is why we have sustainable architecture around us. Search for Architects near me for house plans, and you might hear from them about it. But, sustainable architecture is not just about plants and trees, it is about much more.

What is sustainable architecture and how is it visionary?

Sustainable Architecture is a way to create more efficient and eco-friendly buildings. The idea is to save the resources we use while not compromising much with our usage. Green Buildings are one such example of this vision. They are not just an idea; they are the future itself. The human population is growing at a dangerous pace and this has called for ways to minimize our impact over the beauty of our planet. Urbanization will see getting shaped through this in the future. If you want to serve something towards the future of humanity, search for architects nearby for house plans and take the guidance. Look for builders in Coimbatore and they’ll detail down about these things further.

But what all are the qualities of a sustainable home or building?

Features of sustainable architecture.

The idea is to be efficient. For example, you can install a water system that results in a considerable amount of water-saving. Here are a few of those many features:

  • Using natural energy sources such as solar and wind energy.
  • Efficient use of water, light, or heat.
  • Less carbon footprint.
  • More usage of non-toxic and biodegradable materials.
  • Less harm to the environment around.
  • Planting through green rooftops and vertical jungles.
  • Lesser pollution and wastage.

Benefits of Sustainable architecture.

Sustainable architecture is the demand of time. But it does not mean that it will lead companies and people to huge losses. We might think so. However, sustainable architecture saves both, the company and the environment. It is a way to create harmony between humans and rest of the nature. Cities, like Coimbatore, are seeing a growth in such houses. Search for builders in Coimbatore and ask for their guidance.

  • It leads to huge savings in water and electricity bills.
  • Lesser carbon footprints due to efficient energy usage.
  • Helps protecting the environment.
  • Improves the overall air quality. This leads to less health issues and another saving in medical bills.
  • Healthier life-style due to better environment.
  • Increases the asset’s value.
  • Puts you as a leader towards the idea of conservation.

How can architects nearby for house plans help you achieve sustainable architecture?

Sustainable architecture is not just about those fancy seeming buildings you see in the pictures. You yourself can adapt your home into one. If you have seen the installation of rain water-saving devices on the roofs, know that they were an example of the same. However, it is a complex process when looked at some depth. You might need some architect for it to happen on a larger scale. Search for architects near me for house plans and take help if you have any plans.

The process starts with planning. Architects look at the various ways they can make things happen. They draft a plan, design, process, and then the inception.

Most of the building’s energy gets wasted in inefficient temperature regulation and retention. Using think insulated walls, high-quality windows, and preventing any gap leads to efficient temperature retention. Another way is to use better quality appliances with a higher energy-saving star rating. Ask the architecture builder to guide you about other energy-saving ways around electricity.

Using water-saving faucets proves helpful. You might also want to use sensors on the taps. Sensors release water only when you want to use it. This leads to huge water-saving.

Few examples from leading architects about sustainable ways:

  • Using rainwater to go into plants and gardens to a limit and rest getting stored in a tank to be used later.
  • Energy-efficient appliances save much in the long-term.
  • Using materials that run longer and not stress the environment with toxic waste.
  • Installation of better insulation methods to retain heat and cold.
  • Using renewable energy resources such as solar panels.

Why do you need a sustainable house plan?

The times are grim and we as humans alone can revert the damage we have inflicted upon this planet. Many countries are making policies around conservation. It will be all around in times to come. Look at Singapore for example. Its apartments like Helico Sky-Rise and EDEN apartments are standing tall as a way to create harmony between humans and nature.

Look for Builders in Coimbatore, or anywhere you live, and take a step further in becoming one from those leading this world. You might think that will come at some cost, but if you look at the long-term, it saves you and this environment much. Above it, you stand tall as an idol among your neighborhood. This is like a win-win for both the poles. We have to use poles because times have come to be such. Humans are at the farthest distance from nature than ever. We alone have created a sense of disruption in this ecosystem and we alone can put things back at where they should be.

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