5 Ways to Revamp Your Puja Home

5 Ways to Revamp Your Puja Home


Indian Hindu homes have a special place that is devoted to offering daily worship to god. This special place for pooja may have larger spaces or smaller ones. No matter what the size, you can revamp your prayer hall with some beautiful home decoration tricks.

Pooja or prayer spaces are one of the most coveted nooks in almost every Indian home. It’s a place dedicated to worship and quiet contemplation. But unlike other compartments of the house, most of us don’t think to deck out our pooja spaces now and then. Wondering how and from where to start it?

Well, can you imagine a worship room without a splash of color? There are countless choices accessible in the market from which you can decide according to your appreciation. If you’re a bohemian fellow, you can create some designs on your own and express your creative blend of mind.

Simple ideas for renovating your pooja room

Following are some of the simple ideas for renovating your pooja room.

1. Installing focus lights

Whether your pooja space is big or small, focus lights can be installed at any place. You can even incorporate it inside a tiny wooden mandir, which most of the residences have. The spotlights illuminate spaces, and you can keep the pictures and idols of the god and the goddess under them. For example, putting up a big Radha Krishna wall painting creates a feeling of devotion.

Focus lights are available in various shapes and styles. Choose the one which can best adjust your space and soothes the purpose. The metal lamps are radiant enough to lend glitter and shine in the pooja room even when you do not light them up. You can have some of these lamps and employ them as adorning pieces in your pooja hall.

Also, you can opt for beautiful clay lamps in different sizes and shapes. So bring some colorful diyas of various shapes and sizes home to create a mesmerizing ambiance in your pooja room. Clay lamps are good options for they are eco-friendly.

2. Brass metal

You can use many brass metal stuff to give the space a genuine Indian feel. Brass utensils like plates and pots can be utilized to float flowers in water. Hanging brass diyas can make your space look more beautiful. The decoration is complete with a diya stand made of brass metal.

3. Creative doors

The cabinet or special room used for pooja is a pleasant way to give a new life to this space. For added beauty, you can install a creative door. Several styles can be adopted, like a wooden door with hanging bells or one with a laser cut-out, etc.

Jaalis or laser-cut wood panels are such a graceful addition to any spiritual place.

4. Corian Backlit Background

Indians are fond of colors that express their diverse cultural orientation. Infuse your pooja room with some colorful aura.

A bold and vibrant background of the pooja corner makes it separate from the rest of the house. A lattice or stunning coating can make the back wall vitalize the senses.

Corian backlit backgrounds create an impression and offer a peaceful feeling to the entire concept. You can select one with a special Mantra or something with certain emblems and images of the deities.

5. Toran

Using various toran decorations to beautify your worship hall could be a great idea. You may not get enough real flowers every day, and so an artificial one may serve the purpose. However, there’s nothing as pretty as real flowers for your daily offerings.

Apart from all these, you can use pretty danglers to decorate the space. Using colorful pieces and alluring metal artworks can transform your pooja room into a designer’s masterpiece. You can hang bells around the pooja unit or at the entrance.

If you are the one who likes all ethnic and traditional wall painting pieces, the perfectly carved Kalash with mini coconuts or pretty threads make this dangler a delightful add-on.

Some people feel that bells are appropriate for temples only. Well, you are wrong if you bear the same thought in your mind. Simple metal bells can infuse so much positive energy into your pooja room and make it visually divine. These bells are accessible in different materials and finishes. You can choose one from copper, silver, or brass to complement your idols or the entire setup.

Instead of mere conventional idols, you can try getting a unique-looking one. The tiny Ganesha idols are perfect for small pooja corners, and they instantly grab eyeballs. This puja hall is commonplace in contemporary Indian homes. However, you can make it a bit different where devotion blends with art.

These are the tips to make your pooja space look attractive and holy. Go and explore your options. Happy designing!

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