Roof Repair Tips

Roof Repair Tips


A leaky roof is not something that a beginner DIYer should attempt. We would be happy to assist you if your roof is leaking.

Although we are not able to describe the whole process of fixing a roof leak, we want to help you get started by helping you locate the leak. It may surprise you to learn that finding the location of the leak may take more time than fixing it.

Roof Repair Tips: Locating the Leak

A roof leak is usually visible as a drip or ugly ceiling stain. This spot can be used as a guideline. Access your attic from the point you noticed the drip or stain.

Step 1: Open the Attic

You might find water stains, mold, or mildew in your attic. Track the signs of a water leak up to the roof and rafters until you find the entry point. It may seem more difficult than it sounds, as the source of the water leak could be many feet away.

Step 2: Use a Hose

One person should be in the attic. Have another person bring a hose to the roof. Spray water only where there is a visible leak inside the house.

If water drops fail to appear in the attic, then the person on top of it will have to move to the right or left to determine if the leak is there. You will eventually find the location of the leak. You should notify the person who is on the roof about the leak to mark it.

The process will not be quick. The person holding the hose must move slowly and carefully. It could take up to an hour to locate the leak.

Step 3: Check for Roof Leaks at Common Locations

The area around your chimney, cracked roof vents, and roof valleys is another place to look for leaks.

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