Twenty and Thirty Years Old

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement Project


Most people think that roof replacement is an unnecessary project, especially because you can always maintain, repair, and add a few new shingles and it will keep the overall structure and efficiency. However, it is challenging to determine the best course of action, unless you find someone to provide you with relevant information.

It is important to enter here, which will help you determine the best course of action.  Still, you can stay with us to learn about the relevant signs you should get a roof replacement as soon as possible. The main goal is to be proactive, especially since regular maintenance will help you reduce potential problems along the way. Let us start from the beginning.

1.  Attic Light

Curling Shingles

The first thing you should do is to visit a home’s attic. In case you understand something clearly at last coming through the beams, which is a sign of a problem. Generally, a small beam of light is a normal situation, however, if ridge vents, soffits, or gables are letting small levels of light while circulating the air, it is an indication of a potential problem.

The next step is checking out the small number of lights to check out water stains and determine whether they will change after a while. Therefore, if you have significant water stains combined with considerable light coming through, the best course of action is to invest in a new roof. We recommend you find professionals to help you.

2.  The roof is Between Twenty and Thirty Years Old

Although with proper maintenance, you can ensure getting a roof that will last up to fifty years, negligence and reaching thirty years of age can indicate the reasons for a new one. Remember that asphalt shingle roofs require additional maintenance compared with metal ones, especially since metal roofing can last up to seventy years.

Besides, you can install a new layer over the existing ones, meaning you can handle the replacement process after twenty years to ensure overall efficiency. When you decide to find an insured and licensed professional, they can inspect the current condition and determine the roof’s age, especially if you purchased a house with it.

At the same time, the roof inspector will check out for damage carefully and talk with the insurance company to repair policy covered damage without you paying a cent. If you wish to research before calling a professional, you should understand a few tips that will help you find out the age.

  • Talk With Previous Owner – The first thing you can do is ask the previous owner for relevant information. You can also check out a real estate agent that helped you gather relevant information. The roof life expectancy should be part of the disclosure document that will feature details about the property’s condition.
  • Contact Roofing Contractor – If you have built a household, but you still cannot remember the moment you underwent the roofing process, you can talk with the previous roofing company to find someone who will finish the job with ease. The main idea is to dig around and determine whether you have relevant records. Another option is searching for nearby companies because they may possess the records.
  • Roof Permit – Another option that will work in specific states is checking out the permit. However, in some states, based on the regulations and codes, a permit is not necessary. Still, if you live in the area where you had to get a permit beforehand, you can check out the date and estimate the overall age.
  • Condition – You should check out for broken and chipped tiles or shingle curling combined with loose granules, which are signs that the roof has reached its life expectancy.

For instance, if you wish to purchase a household, we recommend you ask about the home’s roof and find an inspector who will handle each step along the way. It is important to get a professional assessment before buying, because investing in maintenance or repair may increase the overall price tag.

Watch this video: to learn everything about finding a new roofing construction.

3.  Curling Shingles

It is vital to thoroughly inspect shingles. If you see curling on the edges or in the middle, it is an indication you should start saving money for replacement soon. Shingles curl in two ways: in the middle-called clawing and edges called cupping.

When they reach a point of warping, they are most likely to leave your home at risk from water damage, while it can lead to other damage too such as support beams, ceilings, walls, joists, and floor beams.

The moment curling happens, you should inspect for potential damage. It is a sign that you should conduct replacement in the next few years. Of course, we recommend you talk with professional roofing services before making up your mind.

4.  Gutters Feature Granules

Cleaning gutters is crucial for preventing potential water damage and other issues. However, you should inspect the insides to check for granules. If you notice them, it is a sign that you should start a replacement project.

Granules are part of crushed materials on the top of your roof. They should protect your household and roof from sun damage. Having a new roof, while losing granules is not a significant problem. It is part of a new installation, meaning you should improve the process over time.

However, if your roof is older than a few decades and you lose granules, it is important to find someone to inspect the entire construction. Besides, you should prepare for new roof installation, which is vital to remember.

5. Missing and Cracked Shingles

You should inspect a roof for damaged, missing, and cracked shingles, especially after excessive wind, hailstorms, and ice dam issues. You should know that an ice dam will prevent water and snow from running off the roof, but it can damage your shingles. Therefore, you should find someone to help you remove them as soon as possible.

Besides, a few damaged or cracked shingles can undergo regular maintenance and repair. However, if you haveconsiderable shingle damage, replacing half of it with new ones will make discoloration and affect the overall curb appeal.

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