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Maintaining Curb Appeal: Keeping Your Home Exterior Pristine


A home’s curb appeal makes a strong first impression and adds to its value. Keeping the exterior of a home looking pristine requires diligent maintenance and care. Areas like siding, windows, doors, roofing, and gutters all impact how appealing a home looks from the street. Using quality materials and staying on top of exterior maintenance means homeowners can keep their curb appeal in top shape.

Keep Siding and Trim Looking Fresh

A home’s siding endures exposure to sun, rain, wind, and temperature extremes. While siding is designed to be durable, it still requires proper care. Wash sidings at least annually using a pressure washer to remove grime (but avoid high pressure levels, which can damage siding).

Inspect siding and trim each season. Fix popped nails, damaged panels, and warped boards as soon as possible. Repaint when the siding shows fading or worn areas but use high-quality exterior paints for the best coverage.

Replace any damaged or rotten trim boards and fill holes and gaps in trim with waterproof caulk. Power wash trim annually before inspecting and repainting. A quality primer and paint give trim and siding vibrant, lasting color.

Maintain Attractive Windows

Dirty windows instantly make a home look rundown. For curb appeal, windows should sparkle. Wash the windows four times a year or more by using a soft brush and mild cleaner, before rinsing thoroughly.

Inspect window glazing and caulking for gaps or cracks that allow air and water intrusion. Recaulk as needed to protect windows. Additionally, keep window screens in good repair without bent frames or torn screening. Replace broken panes promptly so moisture doesn’t damage window frames.

You could also consider upgrading to newer window styles that complement a home’s architecture. Energy efficient windows with orderly grids and trim add elegance.

Keep Doors Appealing

Entry doors, garage doors, and patio doors all impact curb appeal. A worn front door makes a poor first impression. Be sure to keep doors clean and check for damage like cracks hinges and worn weatherstripping.

A fresh coat of exterior paint will give doors a lift when they fade or show wear. Use kicks plates and door edge guards to prevent additional damage and replace broken or missing door hardware. Upgrade tired-looking doors to newer fiberglass or steel styles that are more dent resistant.

For garage doors, keep panels properly aligned and lubricate rollers and hinges. Replace cracked or dented panels. A new steel or composite garage door adds instant curb appeal.

Maintain the Roof

A worn, damaged roof makes the entire house look shabby and can turn off buyers. Inspect roofs twice a year and fix loose shingles, damaged flashing and leaks promptly. Moss and algae also cut roof life short, so treat growth chemically or with a power washer.

Keep Gutters Functional and Visually Pleasing

Clogged, leaky or sagging gutters give a home a dilapidated vibe. Make sure gutters are properly angled to direct water into downspouts and remove leaves and debris before it accumulates.

Check for leaks at seams and patch with gutter sealant. Repair sagging areas by resecuring gutter hangers. You can replace damaged sections of gutter without doing the entire system.

For ideal curb appeal, upgrade old box gutters to new styles like seamless gutters. According to the folk at AD Green Gutter Screens, seamless gutters come in eye catching designs and colors that complement trim. They also perform better than older gutter types.


With regular maintenance and by using quality exterior building materials, homeowners can keep their curb appeal looking fantastic. Maintaining a home’s visual allure doesn’t require large investments. Staying on top of inspections, repairs, cleaning, and upgrades means you can keep your home exterior in tip-top shape for maximum resale value and visual pop.

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