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What Makes a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Unique?


Keeping a tidy home is essential for reducing stress and staying healthy. How you choose to tidy your home is down to you. However, you can’t argue that day of spring cleaning isn’t good for the soul.

There are several tools you can buy to help in your quest for a clean home, but some are more effective than others. Take, for example, the cordless vacuum cleaner. Is this device all it is cracked up to be? Let’s explore what makes this cleaning tool so unique.


As you would expect, a cordless vacuum cleaner is much easier to move around your home. Without the restrictions of a plug, you can swiftly bring your cordless vacuum cleaner wherever you need it. You can use this machine to reach those difficult spots in your home, like down the side of the fridge or the top of the stairs.

What’s more, you can also bring your cordless vacuum outside to tackle difficult jobs, such as hoovering out your car. While this additional manoeuvrability already puts the cordless vacuum cleaner above other plug-in models, there are additional aspects to this machine that make it even more unique.

Light Weight

Your ability to vacuum the entire house depends mostly upon your ability to carry the hoover around with you. Plug-in vacuum cleaners come with several feet of cable inside, which makes them much harder to lug around behind you. Also, the models with the longest cords are often the most difficult to pick up.

The cordless vacuum cleaner does not have this problem as the cable is removed entirely. Furthermore, these machines are made with lightweight, plastic materials that make them easy to pick up and move about. Therefore, you can use your cordless vacuum to hoover the floors and then lift it up to catch some of the cobwebs on the ceiling.


It doesn’t take a lot of energy to run a standard vacuum cleaner; however, every little helps when you are trying to reduce the cost of your bills. You may not notice a difference immediately, but it is estimated that a cordless vacuum can reduce your energy bills by 87% over the course of a year. This is mainly a result of the fact that you have to charge these devices in stages, rather than leaving them plugged in for extended periods. Remember to disconnect the charger when the battery is full, and you can receive a bulk of these savings when using a cordless vacuum cleaner.


Performance is key when it comes to any cleaning device, and you will find that the cordless vacuum excels in this area too. For the machine to work as intended, the vacuum must glide seamlessly across your surfaces. Otherwise, there is no point in investing in a cordless device. As such, most cordless vacuums are built with gliders to help them move effortlessly across your floor. This means that they can pick up dust without you having to stop and return to an area.


Cordless vacuum cleaners are built to be the next evolution in vacuum cleaning. As you can see, they are an incredibly unique machine.

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