Top Summer Home Improvements

Top Summer Home Improvements


It naturally depends on where you live, but the summer isn’t often thought of as a time when home improvements should be high on the agenda. Most of the damage that can be done to a home occurs during the brutal winter months.Accordingly, it is usually the fall in which people begin to think about “getting the home ready for winter”.

However, summer home improvements are not an unknown phenomenon, and there are many good reasons for it. If you have a family home, you might even have older kids home for summer breaks at this time of year;this is some extra muscle for one thing! Beyond this, summer is a great time for home improvements outside of the home, simply because the weather is more amenable to such tasks.

CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerageout of Utah that also offer lofts and condos in and around SLC, alsorecommend summer home improvements. This is simply because it is a common knowledge amongproperty experts that certain times of the year are better for certain home improvements. This is something determined both by the climate and the housing market.

Why Summer?

One of the most frequently cited reasons for doing home improvements of any kind is, of course, to sell your home. This is always advised, not only because you want your home in the best shapebut also because you want to prepare it specifically for a sale, which involves depersonalizing the home and improving it to the point of being ready for sale.

Why should you do this in summer? Well, you always think one season ahead where this is concerned.Moreover, depending on your local property market, the fall might well be the best time to put your home on the market.Indeed, it very frequently is.

Nonetheless, even if you’re not selling your home, summerimprovements mean less work in the fall. This is a particularly good idea simply because all the winter preparation tasks that you might have to engage in can be particularly arduous – usually involving things like cleaning outthe gutter, improving the roof, and ensuring the insulation is upto scratch for the winter. These can be big jobs, so summer improvements could lessen the load.

Top Summer Home Improvements

So, what type of home improvements tasks are best carried out in summer. Here follows a few:

Replace Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the most popular home covering material in the U.S., accounting for 80% of homes in some regions of the country. Summer is great time for replacing the vinyl siding. Bear in mind though that is a job best left to the pros.

A Power Wash

If your home has large outdoor wall space and attracts grime, summer can be an excellent time to power-wash all this off. Some tips here involve avoiding angling the spray upwards, as this can trap water underneath that aforementioned siding, which can cause rot.

Do Up Your Deck

You might also do this in spring – in preparation for summer deck use – but it is not a big job and doing it at the start of the summer when the weather is more amenable is a good move.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

To finish with a big job, the good weather is certainly advantageous while installing a value-boosting outdoor kitchen. You want to avoid rain as best you can when doing this, and summer is the therefore the best time.

The summer is long, and summer home improvements do not have to mean that you cannot also enjoy your home in summer – and there are certainly some tasks best done at this time

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