Acquire A Tennessee Contractors License

Way To Acquire A Tennessee Contractors License


Are you having a problem getting a Tennessee contractor license, and you’ve been trying for so long to get it? Well, in this blog, you will get to know everything about how to get your license if you want to be a licensed contractor in Tennessee.

There are so many things that you need to know before applying. For example, what’s the application fee for the license? How can you apply for that, and what documents and information will you need to complete the application?

These steps take no time, and you will be a licensed contractor soon. Just follow the guidance that’s given below. Let’s talk about things you need to know for being a licensed contractor in Tennessee. Here we go!

Things You Need To Know For Getting Your Contractors License In Tennessee 

Choose Your License Category

First of all, you have to decide in which category you want to apply for your license. There are two categories in which the first one is under $25,000 projects, and another one is over $25,000 projects.

Now, there are some projects under $25,000 comprising house improvement contractors where you will have work like repairing and improving. There are projects like licensed electrician and licensed plumber, which do not require any inspection.

On the other hand, projects over $25,000 involve works like a general contractor, subcontractor, and works related to managing construction.

Pass The Business And Law Exam  

So, after choosing your field in what type of license you want, you have to go for an exam named Tennessee Business And Law Exam and construction/trade exam which you need to qualify to get the license. You can also prepare for these exams online through companies that are offering you learning at reasonable prices.

You will be issued with tests through PSI testing along with other organizational things like when you will have your test? What will be the test location? And many more. Every testing will cost you $55 as a fee.

You Should Have A Financial Statement To Get Your Tennessee Contractors License  

According to Tennessee law, if you’re a contractor’s license applicant, you must have a stable audited financial statement by a licensed independent accounting company.

The next step is that you have to submit a reference letter. This is to verify your work; it has to be done whether with your colleague or a past employee who had worked with you. The letter can also be submitted by the organization with whom you’re working.

There are so many things that you need to know before applying. These were some important steps that you should follow if you’re planning to be a licensed contractor in Tennessee.

Above mentioned steps are completely crucial. You can follow them step-by-step and can have your license in whatever category you’re choosing.

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