Renovating Your Kitchen

Top 5 Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen


Kitchen renovation is a great undertaking. If you do it well, kitchen renovation might become an important project, which you can invest in your home.

For individuals who have carried out kitchen renovations before, the process might be daunting. Although looking at samples at a local store, gathering details, and sourcing some ideas online might seem fun, it’s vital to look at a greater picture and consider kitchen renovation Mississauga services before taking the next step.

To help you succeed in renovating your kitchen, the following are great tips from experts that you can look at:

1.  Splurge on Quality Faucets

Faucets are among the most difficult part of a kitchen, so ensure you consider convenience and quality. If your sink is located in front of the window, ensure you handle clearances and check the faucet to ensure it fits well.

When also choosing a sink to partner with, prioritize simplicity. Plus, consider a single basin and not deeper than nine inches to avoid being forced to stoop to do your dishes.

2. Concentrate on Lighting

Use a mixture of lighting fixtures to layer different kinds of light, including mood, ambient, accent, and task.

A recessed ceiling fixture can provide you with good lighting, whereas chandeliers and pendants are versatile options for dining areas and islands.

For a kitchen work area, under-cabinet task light can be popular, though you might want to offset the reflectiveness of polished surfaces, such as countertops, by choosing a fixture with frosted glass or diffuser.

3.  Keep the Similar Footprint

Nothing can increase the renovation cost faster than demolishing the walls and changing the location of electrical outlets and plumbing pipes.

According to experts at Kitchen and Bath, it can help to keep water fixtures, walls, and appliances in a similar location. This way, you will save on reconstruction and demolition costs while cutting the amount of debris and dust your renovation project generates.

4. Consider Tiles

Many years ago, before the inception of the internet, things such as titling was best left to experts. Although titling is still professional trade, there are many tutorials online these days, which show you how to tile your splash-back.

You may choose affordable tiles, and with some patience, you should be in a better position to install without engaging an expert.

5.Prioritize Functionality

Consider efficiency, functionality, and how you can use the space. For instance, just because you have enough space to play with doesn’t mean a wider gap between your wall counter top and island bench is a great idea.

Using a working triangle theory is a perfect way to make sure you have a much-required functionality. According to this theory, arranging your stove, sink, and fridge in the equilateral triangle is an optimal design for efficiency.

When cooking, these will be important three points of your kitchen, which you repeatedly return to, making it important to distance them equally.

The Bottom Line!

The kitchen is no longer viewed as a place with the sole purpose of cooking. These days, kitchens are central space for most homes. So it’s not a secret that having a perfect kitchen makes a great difference when selling or buying a house.

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