Parking Lot Design

How to Make a Profit with Innovative Parking Lot Design


If you are planning to build a car parking lot with the intention of using it to make a profit, then you may be wondering if there are any latest ideas in terms of innovative design. By getting it right at the beginning, you can maximize the space that you have and, ultimately, make more profit. But what are the best ways of designing a parking lot to turn the most profit?

The Design Process

When building a parking lot from scratch, there is a lot to consider. After all, you will want to make sure that you can squeeze in as many parking spaces as possible without compromising convenience and safety for the users. You will also need to ensure that you adhere to local zoning regulations in terms of providing an adequate number of accessible parking spaces.

Consider the size of the lot and then work out how many spaces you can feasibly fit in yet still allowfor free flowing traffic and giving enough room for each vehicle. Remember, cars are much bigger today than they used to be so parking spaces with a bit more room are required. And even though you might assume that the more spaces you get into your lot the better, if your lot is in direct comparison with another one nearby that has bigger spaces, you can be sure it will be that one which fills up before yours. It is all about getting the balance right. You need to make parking in your lot easy and comfortable for users as this will ensure more profit.

The experts at Parking Lot Prossay that if you are choosing asphalt paving, you should think about having the parking lot seal coated to not only prolong its life but also improve its aesthetic. Seal coating prevents water, oil, and other liquids from penetrating the surface of the parking lot and causing damage within.

How to Make Your Parking Lot Stand Out

There is much you can do to improve your parking lot and make it more attractive to users. Much of this occurs during the design phase. Be sure to include adequate drainage solutions and consider the landscaping around the spaces for a more attractive appearance.

In terms of innovative solutions, there is a great deal to consider. For example, you could think about introducing some ‘women only’ spaces, which will make female users feel safer when using your lot. These spaces should be near to the front of the building or as close to the entrance of the parking lot as possible. The idea is that they will be positioned where women will have the shortest walk from their destination to prevent them from feeling isolated and vulnerable when walking back to their vehicles.

If funds allow, think about automated stacking systems that allow parking attendants to park cars vertically to maximize space. Each vehicle is parked on a platform above another one; such a parking lot typically utilizes both under- and overground space.

Smart lighting is another innovative design feature that works well in multistory parking lots. Each parking space will have a sensor that will go on or off when a car is parked in the space. This allows parking lot users to see where the vacant spaces are and so can help them to park easier.


Designing a parking lot from scratch requires a lot of thought. Getting it right means that your lot will be convenient and safe for users and will help to make the most profit for your business.

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