My AC Not Cooling

Why Is My AC Not Cooling the Household: Things to Remember


It would be best if you understood that more than three-quarters of all households in the US require AC units or air conditioners for comfortable summer days. Therefore, we are talking about the most popular and essential appliance people use daily.

Besides, we can differentiate numerous reasons household owners spend plenty of money on efficient air conditioner. As mentioned above, the summer heat can reach a point of unbearable moments, meaning a reliable unit will keep you comfortable along the way.

Similarly,like any other unit, the AC can suddenly stop cooling. The problem can occur without warning, and sometimes it is challenging to determine why it happened. That is why you should understand the common issues that may happen, which will help you prepare yourself before the problem arrives.

In the further article, we will present to you the most common reasons why your AC not cooling house anymore. Let us start from the beginning.

1. Clogged Filters

You should know that the most common cause of air conditioner issues includes clogged filters. We are talking about dust, pollen, pet hair, or dirt that can enter a filter and cause severe issues.

As soon as a clog appears on your filter, it will start to restrict the airflow throughout the unit. Therefore, your result will be a lack of efficiency and an inability to cool the air in the room unit sits. At the same time, clogged filters can interfere with the system’s functioning, meaning your outdoor condenser unit and indoor evaporator coil, among other things.

The best way to prevent this problemis to clean the filter regularly and change it after a while. It is vital to change them every three months, while if you have indoor pets, we recommend you to do it more often.

2. Low or Leaking Refrigerant

It is vital to remember that all AC units require refrigerant, a chemical that transfers heat from indoor space and moves it outside. We can differentiate numerous options available on the market depending on the unit you get, but the most prominent one is Freon.

Therefore, when your unit has low refrigerant levels, it will stop working, and you will have issues cooling down your household. The AC refrigerant can reach a low point due to two possible reasons. It may happen due to undercharged system, meaning you should call a professional to fill it up.

Another option leaks within the system. In this situation, you should also find an expert to repair everything as soon as possible. Remember that a refrigerant leak can lead to poisoning within your household and harm the environment. You should click here to learn more about air conditioners.

3. Dirty or Frozen Coils

Although filters can work properly and maintain the evaporator coil as clean as possible, you should know that the problem can happen with coils from time to time, especially if you have an old unit.

For instance, when you install a UV light, you can determine whether your indoor evaporator coil functions, ultimately affecting your air quality. Still, the coil may get dirty after a while since they require humidity, which is a perfect environment for mold infestation and build-up.

As a result, they can create adverse effects afterward. At the same time, they can freeze and stop working, especially when you have low refrigerant levels, which is a vital factor to remember.

4. Leaking Air

Suppose you had pests in your attic in the last few months. You probably know that numerous household owners find rats, squirrels, and other critters in the attic, which will damage duct work. Remember that damage can happen due to lousy installation that will deteriorate over time.

Besides, home repair technicians such as cable providers, plumbers, and others can accidentally damage your duct work while working. Therefore, the air within your household will lead to a hotter home than before. Since the ducts will distribute cold air throughout your home, leaks will reduce energy efficiency.

Suppose you wish to learn how to maintain AC unit. In that case, you should check out this guide: for additional info.

Besides, overworking AC can lead to a faulty compressor, which is the heart of a system since the compressor circulates refrigerant between outdoor and indoor units. As soon as it damages, the entire system will become inefficient, which may also lead to other problems.

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