preferred over TOR steel bars

Why are TMT bars preferred over TOR steel bars?


Steel is one of the most essential and popular building materials because of its benefits, along with easy maintenance. Owing to their strength, steel rebars can stand the test of time and natural calamities.

Today, because of technological advancements, steel bars come in varieties and different classifications. The characteristics and types of steel bars typically vary based on geographic factors.

TMT Bars V/S TOR Steel bars

Thermo Mechanically Treated or TMT bars are high-strength reinforcement bars with hard outer cores and soft inner cores. TMT bars provide exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and fire-retardancy, which makes them suitable for constructing earthquake-proof structures and are ideal for improving the reinforcement of concrete structures. For decades, TMT bars have proved extremely useful in reinforcing concrete structures.

TOR, which stands for Toristeg Steel Corporation of Luxembourg, is a type of steel in which the steel bars are cold, twisted and deformed after undergoing the required heat treatment procedure. These surface deformations are carried out following an elongation procedure, which increases steel’s yield strength and the surface deformations increase bonding with concrete.

TMT bars or TOR steel are produced using separate techniques, which give them distinctive qualities. The TMT bars, on the other hand, outperform TOR steel because of their special qualities like:

Higher tensile strength

Due to the fact that TMT bars are not physically deform, unlike HYSD bars, they have lower residual stresses and greater tensile strength.


 TMT bars are manufactured to have anti-corrosion properties, so they can easily be exposed to water for long periods without becoming damaged. In contrast to TMT bars, traditional steel bars, like TOR steel bars, do not possess anti-corrosive properties.

Fire Resistant

 TOR Steel contains low heat resistance. But TMT bars, on the other hand, are extremely thermal and fire resistant and can withstand heat up to a tremendous 600 degrees Celsius. Your structure will be very fire resistant if TMT bars are used in the construction.


TMT bars’ incredible flexibility and endurance make them suitable for a variety of building projects, which is essentially one of the main reasons why construction professionals rely on TMT bars more than TOR steel bars.

Rust- resistance

TOR steel contains a lot of chloride ions which corrodes the bars, thus weakening the structure. TMT bars, on the other hand, are appropriate for construction projects in humid and coastal environments because of their extremely superior rust and corrosion resistance brought about by their thermo-mechanical treatment.

Stronger bonds

TMT bars also adhere to cement more effectively than TOR steel. This is made feasible by the TMT bars’ surface ribs, which span their whole length and have a greater bonding strength. TMT bars’ excellent bonding qualities, combined with their superior strength, enable them to forge a robust framework with concrete or cement, enhancing the construction structures’ durability and strength.

It is clear from the above points that TMT steel bars are superior to TOR steel bars. So if you are looking for the best TMT bars in India, we at Tata Tiscon have got you covered

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