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The Benefits Of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning


High-pressure drain cleaning is a technique used by plumbers to clear clogs. The system involves a special hose that delivers water under extreme pressure into the plumbing system from both directions, “cleaning” the pipes. With this approach, more water can be pushed directly into the clog, breaking it apart and forcing debris to flow past it. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of high-pressure drain cleaning.

  • It’s a safe option that can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor drains. High-pressure drain cleaning will remove root blockages that are clogging your drain without damaging your pipes or expensive equipment.
  • It is faster than other methods. This process can take minutes when compared with hand augering and snaking, which can take hours.
  • High-pressure drain cleaning has become a cost-effective way to solve routine plumbing clogs and save money as opposed to more expensive methods. It uses less water than traditional plumbing snake methods and doesn’t leave behind messy clean-up.
  • Using high-pressure water to clean drains is an environmentally friendly way to unclog a pipe. High-pressured water jetting not only scours the pipe from the outside but also cleans it from the inside. This eco-friendly method eliminates the need to replace your pipes, which helps reduce waste in landfills while creating smaller utility bills.

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Most people don’t realize it, but a slow and clogged drain can waste thousands of gallons of water a year, hundreds of dollars in sewer fees, and even cause expensive pipe backups and damage to your foundation. Most people wait to call a plumber only after these things happen. Hiring a commercial plumbing contractor immediately after signs of trouble is the best way to save money. Do not waste time, and book a service appointment now!

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