PU Coating

PU Coating Advantages Over Other Wood Coatings


Wooden furniture and flooring in your house can experience significant wear and tear with time due to external conditions. This can remove the aesthetic appeal of the woodwork in your house and make it look less desirable. You can preserve the woodwork in your house by applying several wood finishes that are readily available in the market.

Wood finishes form a protective layer over the wooden surface and safeguard it from external conditions to preserve the indigenous look of the wood. Wood coating or wood polish is available in different types such as oil-based polish, water-soluble polish, melamine polish, shellac polish, PU polish etc. Out of all these different wood coating types, a PU coat on wood is the most preferable for your woodwork due to the various benefits provided by this type of coat.

Here’s a look at all the reasons to choose a PU coating over other wood coatings for your woodwork.

Restore the Former Glory of Your Woodwork

A polyurethane or PU coat on wood can create a glossy look which can instantly make your aged woodwork look like new. You can choose from a variety of colour shades and finishes while applying a PU coating to your wooden furniture. A PU polish is alternatively available in different finishes such as gloss, matte, and satin. You can also choose between surface polish and penetrating polish where a surface polish is used to cover the wooden surface and a penetrating polish can penetrate the wooden surface to some extent where it is mostly used to cover intricate woodwork.

Safeguard Your Woodwork from External Factors

Among all the different wood finishes, a polyurethane coating on wood has much more durability which will make the wood coating last for longer periods. A PU coating will make the wooden surface water-resistant which will safeguard the surface against different types of water damage. Also, this type of coating is suitable for wooden flooring since it is not easily affected by stress. A PU coating on your woodwork can make it scratch-resistant and safeguard it against micro-scratches and bruises.

Ease of Application on Wooden Surfaces

While applying a PU coating to the woodwork, a minimum number of coats will be required compared to other wood finishes to get the desired effect. Also, a coat of polyurethane will require less amount of drying time compared to other wood finishes. Using other wood coatings such as melamine will require a greater number of coats and hours of drying time to achieve the desired effect on the woodwork.

Prevent your Wood Finish from Acquiring a Yellow Tint

When the pigments and other resins in wood are exposed to ambient air and UV sunlight, the wooden surface can appear to have a yellow tint. Constant exposure to such environmental conditions can give an undesirable yellow tint to the entire wooden surface. Applying a PU coat to your woodwork will delay this process and the wooden surface will be safeguarded from turning yellow for longer periods.

Covers a Wide Variety of Surfaces

Due to several beneficial characteristics, a PU coating can be used on several types of wooden surfaces. A PU coating can be used on wooden furniture with daily usages such as wooden countertops in the kitchen, wooden doors, wooden windows, and much more. It is also suitable for wooden flooring since it can withstand stress and any type of wear and tear through rough usage.

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