Pergola Decorating Ideas

Pergola Decorating Ideas That Will Upgrade Any Backyard


Everyone would like to upgrade their backyard space in a way that will make their outdoor area perfect for their needs. This means that they will go out of their way to find practical but decorative ideas. Adding a Sojag pergola to your backyard will provide an instant upgrade. Still, if you already have a pergola, all you have to do is find a few ways to decorate it tastefully to make the area inviting and relaxing for you and your family. Fortunately, you can consider a few DIY projects to achieve this goal.

Install a Glass Ceiling

This is a solution for people who love their open-plan pergola but constantly worry about the tree debris that keeps falling in this area whenever they are relaxing or those who continuously worry about weather damage. You can fix these concerns quickly and still ensure that you are enjoying the expansive open space. Glass panels will help protect you from things like bird droppings and still give you the coveted views of the open skies.

Install Sheers

If you want to make the pergola seem like an intimate space for you and your mate, sheer curtains can help you achieve this goal. These curtains will give this space a cozy feel and a unique appeal that will inspire you to get your glass of wine or beverage of choice and chill in the area as you watch the sunset or early sunrise.

Add Cozy Functional Accessories

It is possible to transform your pergola into a cozy space that you will love. It only takes a few additions like a warm rug and comfortable armchair. Some people go even further to make this space more personalized by adding a hanging chair that they can swing in and soothe themselves whenever they need to. In the end, the minor additions in such spaces make them stand out.

Light Up the Pergola

If you love to spend some time out at night, then a few night lights would be perfect for your pergola. Choose lights that accentuate the space and make it more inviting without losing the illumination needed for practical use. Besides functionality, some lighting types will be the perfect decor when paired with hanging plant pots. Consider installing unique Edison bulbs to achieve this effect.

Use Lantern Lamps as D├ęcor

The unique thing about decorating pergolas is that they do not have to be expensive. Something as simple as a lantern lamp hanging on the pergola’s roof can easily elevate the space. These are even more ideal during the festive season when everyone is in a celebratory mood, and all you want to do is impress your guests. These lanterns give the space a restaurant-like vibe you want to create for your friends and family during festive seasons.

Hang Plants

Colorful plants will instantly elevate the pergola space and make it chic and warm. This is an excellent choice for plant lovers who want to protect the environment. Choose colorful plants and tastefully decorate them around the space.

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