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Importance of Air Conditioners at Workplaces


A Workplace is where people get to spend most of the time of their life. For example, a worker spends nearly 8-10 hours in his workplace. A workplace should always fall within the comfort zone as it requires the person to perform and deliver his best. So, any workplace environment should be soothing enough, allowing the staff to excel and feel comfortable.

A pacifying environment at any workplace requires like-minded people around, practicing constant mindfulness, and harbouring an appropriate atmosphere. When talking of a suitable atmosphere, we also refer to the physical atmosphere of the workplace. Naturally, the room temperature is an important aspect of any office and should keep the employees relaxed during the working hours. However, there are some workplaces where the human body and the equipment that are used need to be working properly, and they do so only at low room temperature. An air conditioner, therefore, is an essential option for maintaining a proper workplace atmosphere.

The importance of using a good air conditioner at different workplaces:

  1. Working in an office room: An office room is usually large and wide or sometimes a very small area where people work together for hours. So, when many people work within a limited space, it is healthier to keep the environment cool and check the room’s ventilation. When breathing simultaneously within a limited space, people release greater amounts of CO2, the atmosphere becomes warm, and it may sometimes lead to suffocation. Moreover, this type of environment is downright harmful to anyone who has claustrophobia. A 2-ton air conditioner is sufficient to keep a small or medium room cool. For larger rooms, more than 900-1200 square ft. in size, the air conditioner’s capacity has to be more. Nevertheless, for larger rooms, more than one (or more than two, depending upon the size of the room) 2-ton air conditioners could serve well.
  2. Working in rooms with computers: Most workplaces are full of computers nowadays as most work can be easily completed. Therefore, a room with computers should preferably be air-conditioned. Computers also generate heat in working conditions. Thus, to use a computer for a long period the room should be air-conditioned. For longer periods, using a 5-star inverter AC is advisable, as it saves power costs.
  3. Working at laboratories: In different types of laboratories, either a research laboratory or any pathological laboratory, where any actual sample is tested, maintaining a cool temperature of the room is always preferable to keep the sample fresh and intact. Especially in the case of living samples, a higher temperature may lead to the decaying of the sample as the temperature is a primary factor for chemical and biological reactions. Therefore, an air-conditioned room is a priority to keep the room temperature low, to prevent decaying of samples from high temperature.
  4. Working at hospitals: Hospitals are where everything should be kept clean and free from germs. Hospitals should be air-conditioned to keep the patients away from germs and the atmosphere free from heat and humidity. The workers at the hospitals should also be free from any contamination while serving the patients or treating an individual. Heat and moisture often play a key role in causing a contaminated environment. This intensifies the need for hospitals to be air-conditioned at all times. 5-star inverter ACs are a good choice as they allow well-defined speed monitoring for different treatment conditions.

Workplaces should have a friendly environment for the workers. Providing resources with a well-conditioned space is one of the crucial aspects of making workplaces safe and comfortable.

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