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How To Prep Your Home For A New Furnace Installation


Choosing a quality furnace is vital to optimizing your energy efficiency. A new furnace comes with more energy efficiency and adequately heats your home as needed. It is a substantial investment that saves you more energy costs and leaves you with a unit that will last for the next many years. Furnaces last from 15 to 20 years which means you will not need a new furnace for a long time.

After speaking to furnace installation experts and finally deciding on the ideal unit, it is now time to prepare your home for the installation process.A furnace installation happens only once in a while, so as a homeowner, you might have little or no idea of what you need to do to make the process smooth. Here are the tips to prep your home for furnace installation Toronto.

Evaluate your heating needs

Before anything else, it is best to assess your heating needs to consider every aspect before the furnace installation. The most critical elements to consider are the furnace’s size, model, and efficiency to ensure you meet your heating needs. A professional furnace technician from Air Makers can evaluate the size of your home to determine your heating load. Note that the higher the annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of the unit, the more efficient it is.

Get your ductwork inspected

Have a technician inspect your existing ductwork and repair any leaks. Remember that any air leaks in the ductwork can compromise the efficiency of the new furnace. So it is good to have the technician inspect the ductwork as they evaluate your home heating needs.

Clear the way for the furnace

A furnace can be challenging to maneuver, so you need to clear the way to make it easy for the technician. Start by clearing as much area as possible for the smooth installation of the new furnace and clean the area. Eliminate tripping hazards and if the technicians must go through hallways and narrow spaces to install the furnace, remove any objects on the way.

Request for a programmable thermostat

The best thing about modern furnaces is that they come with digital thermostats that are easy to program. That enables you to create a heating schedule as your need be. For instance, you can ensure that the temperature levels are moderate when you are away to save on energy costs and minimize wear and tear on the unit. A wifi programmable thermostat enables you to adjust the temperature remotely through your smartphone.

Invest in an in-line air purification system

An in-line air purification system is an important technology to consider during a new furnace installation. A furnace with an in-line air purification system cleans the air as it produces heat. That means cleaner air for your family and more safety from airborne pollutants. This is especially important if you have family members allergic to air pollutants like dust.


Know what to expect during the installation. Speak to the furnace installation technicians and know what to expect during the installation process. That helps you prep adequately and schedule the time that works best for you.

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