Home Decoration Ideas to Painting Exterior Brick

Home Decoration Ideas to Painting Exterior Brick


 Brick walls are a beautiful addition to any home. They are a shift from the usual dull plastered walls and are aesthetically appealing. However, your brick walls may not look as attractive, depending on the style. In this case, painting would be a wise idea.

With the many masonry paints available, choosing what suits your desired taste is easy. Although this may seem like a simple DIY task to many, there are various things to know when painting exterior bricks.

Do my bricks require painting?

 You may want to use different colors to achieve that decorative look on your walls. But wait a minute, is it necessary? Brick is a durable building material and is favored by many. The quality of your bricks will determine whether to paint or not. For instance, if your bricks are chipping or molding, don’t paint.

The paint will block the natural pores on the brick’s surface, thus magnifying the existing problem. As water seeps through the mortar, it gets into the brick, absorbing moisture. The paint will clog the surface, leading to the chipping of the paint.

 How should I prepare my bricks before painting?

 Painting brick walls is similar to any other painting project. Don’t rush to paint. Instead, prepare the surface and purchase masonry paint beforehand. Clean the bricks and allow them to dry for a day or more. Avoid acidic cleaning solutions and go for simple water and soap solution. If you use acidic solutions, you increase the likelihood of paint chipping. Moreover, seal any cracks and repoint the bricks if necessary.

 What are the best tips to painting brick walls?

1.Prepping is key!

How you prepare your surface determines the outcome. Clean your bricks and leave them to dry thoroughly before applying the first coat of paint. If the bricks aren’t very dirty, use a stiff-bristled brush and soapy water to alleviate any loose dirt and dust on the surface. Fill in the cracks with acrylic caulk and cover the doors and windows with multiple layers of plastic.

2. Choose the right paint.

 The choice of paint is presumably the most important hack. Exterior walls are different from their interior counterparts since they come into contact with multiple ground elements. It’s advisable to use porous paint to allow breathing on brick walls. Use masonry or mineral-based paint. Remember to apply a primer before applying the paint.

3.Ready your tools!

Having the right tools is vital in painting projects. You may have the best paint, but improper equipment can derail your efforts. You save time, avoid injuries, and ensure a smoother finish with proper tools. Use a sprayer or roller; this helps cover a large surface within minimal time. It also makes it easier to get the paint into the joints. A brush will also come in handy. It helps in case of drips or hard-to-reach areas.

4. Consider professional painters

Although you may want to go the DIY way to save costs, a professional painter is preferable. The expert will help you choose the most suitable paint and use proper tools for the task. Also, you need the right colors to match your exteriors, and the painter will come in handy in the selection. For smaller areas, paint by hand, and use a brush or roller for large surfaces. Doing this by yourself may not achieve the desired results, as you would with an expert.

Wrapping up

 Painting brick walls is an excellent way to upgrade your walls and enhance the look of your home exteriors. Choose high-quality masonry paint and use proper application tools. Also, seek help from the experts and prepare your bricks before applying the paint.

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