Decor tips to spice your home

Decor tips to spice your home


Do you have a limited budget and less time to design your home? Worry no more. You can attain a homey space that feels fresh and redefined with simple yet affordable decor ideas. The final results once you apply these simple home decor ideas are fantastic. Using the ideas, you can transform your room in a day.

Read this article to get some home decor ideas that will give you excellent results.

Re-style your shelves

 Fill your bookshelves with books and place decor accents and accessories on the shelves to break the monotony and give the room a new look. Include some bright colors to make it outstanding

Swap your throw pillows.

Having throw pillows is the easiest way of making your living room and bedroom feel fresh. Introduce new pillows with new colors, prints and shapes. This can make your home feel new again.

Place a stool in your bathroom.

Placing a stool in the bathroom to fill in the extra space makes the room look organized and less complicated to bath in. At least you’ve one place to put your wristwatch or some ornament when taking a bath.

Swap accents periodically.

Swapping accents is one of the room decor ideas that give your home a different and fresh vibe that makes you feel homey. You can even be tempted to stay indoors to enjoy the fresh smell throughout the day.

Get inspired by nature.

Nature brings about warmth and dimensions. Nature will give you an inviting and grounded environment. Plant some seagrasses, rattan, jute, marbles and the like near your home, and you can have some green plants vases near the windows-gives a pretty look.

Tidy up the rooms.

Cleaning may not be fun for you, but it plays a big role in making your home attractive. Simple organization in the rooms makes the space look tidy and admirable. Arrange the clothes well and, if possible, install a coat rack for hanging your coats hence reducing dreaded clothing pileups.

Touch up the walls.

Give your walls a new look by applying a coat of white paint. This gives your walls a bright look which is more attractive, shedding the old appearance.

Introduce a throw blanket

Putting a throw blanket at the end of your bed or even on your sofa is an easy and transformative trick in design. This will also help you experiment with colors before settling on the best color for your room.

Rearrange your furniture

This is a fantastic way of making your living room different, killing the traditional monotonous look. You don’t have your chairs and couches lineup. You can put your side tables in the corner flanked by two sofas to give your room a classic look. Place your floor cushions by the coffee table. Keep changing your furniture arrangement from time to time to fade away a traditional look.

Use a table cloth.

Covering your tables with a bold, patterned cloth can change the old look of your dining and living rooms. Use the table cloths with different and attractive prints and colors.

To make your home more attractive, you need to employ several home design ideas that are simple and easy to handle. You won’t regret your effort in giving your home a new look.

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