Decoration idea

Decoration idea: The kitchen in the heart of the house


the centerpiece of the house, the family reunion place, the kitchen holds a predominant place in the heart of our homes. Once reclusive behind a wall and a door, often cold and dark and unwelcoming, the kitchen was not at the center of decorating projects. She takes off her mask and invites herself into the decor today.

My kitchen, I optimize the space

Space saving guaranteed, the walls are replaced by islands. We restructure the space and the kitchen takes place in the living room and the dining room to form one. She puts on her clothes of light with its contemporary touch but in all discretion. it nestles easily in the heart of an old stone house, in a living room or a dining room. For the fusion to be perfect, the kitchen must adopt the dress code of the other rooms. A colored wall or patterned wallpaper will remind you of the sofa and its cushions. A work plan will easily match the furniture. We will also use these color elements to structure or delimit a space, create a splashback or dress the underside of a bar.

In decoration, designers always redouble their efforts to offer ultra-trendy colors and patterns. In terms of wallpapers, for example, there is something for all styles. Vintage, contemporary, industrial or even countryside. It can thus be easily integrated between the kitchen and the living room and form only one atmosphere. So the coveted geometric pattern that is commonly found in a living room, is no longer afraid to sit at the table. As for the essentials such as imitation wallpapers, they remain the masters of the place for a always very warm atmosphere and a successful decoration.Harmonize your interior

The Global Kitchen Study, prepared by the Silestone Institute , analyzes the keys to home cooking in the 21st century. Originally presented in 2019, the study is based on a survey of consumers in nine countries where Canada shares the expertise and vision of 23 professionals from different specialties. Here are some key points of their findings:

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