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Credenza Ideas to Dress up the Kitchen


In a kitchen , the splash back is the finishing touch to the layout. It is a real decorative asset and gives allure to your room. It is impossible to neglect it, especially as more and more of you have an open kitchen that is visible to all.

Material, color, whether or not coordinated with your worktop, the possibilities are varied and will allow you to give style to your kitchen! That said, a kitchen splash back is above all installed to protect the wall from projections of grease or water. It is therefore essential to choose a material that is easy to maintain in addition to being aesthetic.

A few months ago, I finally finalized the layout and decoration of my new kitchen, so I studied the issue of splash backs at length. The challenge is to combine functionality with aesthetics . Do not panic, in this guide you will find ideas and advice for choosing your splash back, whatever the style of your kitchen.

What material to choose for your kitchen splash back?

Stainless steel is the ideal material for a modern and refined kitchen
Stainless steel is the ideal material for a modern and refined kitchen

A stainless steel splash back gives a kitchen a “pro” style, worthy of a starred chef! Chic and design , stainless steel enhances a kitchen with its brilliance and its power of reflection. It lights up the kitchen. If you have the option to hide the fittings, the effect will be grand.

Advantages : stainless steel is very resistant, it does not fear heat or water and is easily cleaned with a sponge.

Disadvantages : it is almost impossible to keep an impeccable stainless steel splashback or worktop. Between fingerprints and scratches, stainless steel easily marks. The trick if you value this material is to choose a brushed finish that’s easier to maintain.

2 – Aluminum for an “anti-fingerprint” splashback

Like stainless steel, the aluminum splashback gives a professional aspect to a kitchen and creates a contemporary and designer atmosphere . If you like fantasy, the aluminum plates are available in different colors and different finishes.

Advantages: the aluminum splash back has many advantages that are very appreciable on a daily basis. It is easy to install, cleans easily and does not leave any marks. Also, it is resistant to water and heat.

3 – Glass for a contemporary and elegant touch

This printed glass splash back with geometric patterns brings luminosity and shine to this kitchen .

Advantages : Contrary to what one might think, a glass kitchen splash back is easily cleaned with window cleaner. It is quite resistant, but prefer tempered glass which is better suited to withstand shocks and high temperatures.

Disadvantages : The main disadvantage of glass is its fragility. You must therefore avoid the slightest shock in your kitchen! The glass splash back must be installed carefully and preferably by a professional to ensure its waterproofs and durability.

4 – Adhesive tiles for easy installation

Advantages: The advantages of an adhesive coating are multiple: easy installation, a wide variety of choices and very simple maintenance.

Disadvantages : it is less resistant than a classic tile for a kitchen splashback.

If you are interested in this type of coating, consult the adhesive tile guide .

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