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7 Different Wall Textures to Introduce to Your Space This Year


While we all pay attention to which hues to put on our walls, many of us forget the power of textures in influencing the look and feel of a place. Feel like your space is flat and dull? Introduce wall textures into your space and watch the magic unfold for yourself. Wall textures have the potential of adding depth, dimension and character to your space and making it look personal and unique.

Whether you are looking for texture paints, wall painting services or want to browse through the trending wall painting ideas, AapkaPainter is the ultimate destination when it comes to refreshing your space.

This guide will share with you 7 different wall painting textures that you can introduce to your living space this year which will transform your abode.

1. Knockdown Texture

Do you have an industrial or minimalist home and want to add depth and character to your place? Knockdown texture is the perfect choice for you as this texture brings a rugged yet timeless look to your walls. The best part is that you can use this texture while exterior home painting too. People who are a fan of the ‘shabby chic’ home aesthetics can consider introducing this texture into their ceiling or an accent wall in their living room or bedroom.

2. Orange Peel Texture

As the name suggests, the orange peel texture looks like the peel of an orange. This subtle and minimalist texture is perfect for people who want to introduce textures into their space but don’t want to go all out. This texture is a great fit for people who are looking for a wall painting texture that will help them conceal minor wall imperfections like dents or holes. Just like the knockdown texture, you can use this texture for exterior home painting as well.

3. Popcorn Texture

Have a vintage-themed house? Popcorn wall texture is a perfect choice for you. In fact, this texture can be introduced in countryside houses and rustic cabin-style houses. It is popularly used for ceilings in bedrooms, guest bedrooms and home theatres.

4. Sand Swirl

Want a dreamy and creative texture for your kid’s room? You can opt for the sand swirl texture which will instantly add an artistic touch into your abode. People who have contemporary, mid-century modern or minimalist-themed houses can consider opting for this artsy wall texture. Note that this wall texture is made using a mixture of primer and sand and is applied in swirling motions.

5. Slap Brush Texture

As the name suggests, this wall painting texture is created by slapping a brush against your wall paint. If you are someone who doesn’t want a uniform patterned wall texture and is looking for a random texture pattern, you must consider choosing this texture. It is a great fit for people who want to give a rustic and eccentric flair to any of the rooms in their house.

6. Comb Texture

To achieve this texture, a comb tool is dragged through wet paint to make rows of lines. This texture is perfect for people who are looking for a subtle, contemporary and minimalist texture for their abode in 2024.

7. Venetian Plaster Texture

Feeling extra and want to add a touch of opulence to your home interiors? You can now do so by introducing Venetian plaster texture for your living space. This wall texture will give you a sophisticated marble-like finish which is perfect for your living rooms, bedrooms and guest rooms.

The Bottomline

With these 7 different textures mentioned above, you can revive your home interiors and make your space look new and fresh without spending a fortune. You can dramatically elevate the aesthetics of your home by introducing wall textures into your space. Confused about how to choose the perfect wall texture for your home? Worry not, when AapkaPainter is here for the rescue!

AapkaPainter offers an impressive range of texture paints from top-notch brands in the country which are known for their superior quality and durability. Remember that a stylish wall texture will not only add an oomph to your home decor but will also give your guests a glimpse of your personality. Head over to the AapkaPainter website if you are looking for some innovative painting ideasfor your new home.

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