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What Makes a Modern Luxury Home?


The term “luxury home” isn’t just a loose way to describe a high-end property. It is actually an official classification that a real estate brokerage will use to categorize a property. But how do they do this and what makes a modern luxury home? What distinguishes a modern home as “luxury” or “high end”. Despite what you might think, it isn’t the price tag. It is a home’s luxury status that justifies the price,not the other way around.

CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage specializing in luxury homes,recommend that you never just assume a home is luxury because it is expensive, not least because there are many things besides the actual home itself that can contribute to a high asking price. Things like location, local amenities, and the quality of the neighborhood all contribute to ever-fluctuating property prices. Instead, it’s good idea to wise up on what you’re looking for if indeed you are looking for a high-end property. A good real estate brokerage can naturally help you here.

Size Matters Less Than You’d Think

And just as it is not the location or the age of the house that determines its luxury status, so too is size actually pretty irrelevant. Instead, a luxury home is one that offers luxury living. This means that luxury homes are typically modern and are fitted out with the latest home comforts. Here then are some elements that make a luxury home:

Bespoke and the Cutting-Edge Kitchens

The kitchen is, along with perhaps the living room and the bedroom, one of the rooms in the house which viewers pay the most attention to. The kitchen is an ensemble of style, innovative design, and the latest technology. In fact, regarding this last element, it is the one part of the house where older furniture and appliances are rarely charming – kitchens are all about the future.

A proper luxury property will boast a kitchen that makes cooking effortless and affords the occupant the latest appliances to make anything they want. They will usually be modern in style, open plan, and spacious.

Blending the Inside and Out

One of today’s hottest luxury trends is the apparently seamless blending of outdoor and indoor living spaces. What this means is that the outdoor spaces begin to resemble more and more the interior of the house. There are really infinite options here, and an outdoor space that has many of the things that would previously have only been found indoors – kitchens, appliances, entertainment systems, and so on – is a clear mark of a luxury home.

Lavish Bathrooms

Just like the kitchen, the bathroom of a luxury home will spareno expense on having the most modern fittings. To properly gauge whether a bathroom is living up to luxury standards or not, you can check how many of the fittings recall those you would find at a spa – albeit on a much smaller scale of course!

Smart-Tech Features

Luxury modern homes are those which make the best use of smart tech features to connect the various appliances and fittings around the home and make them all easier to use. This is an incredibly exciting frontline of technology, with innovations such as the Internet of Things and AI making their first steps into the home. To see whether the property you are viewing is luxury or not, acquaint yourself with the latest smart home tech and see how much of it the property has installed.

Luxury homes cost more of course, but the luxury categorization doesn’t come from the asking price. Make sure you know what you are looking for.

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