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Types of Wallpapers You Can Choose


Wallpaper is a material pasted vertically on a room’s walls to provide a decorative surface. This item is sold in rolls and is stuck on the wall using wallpaper paste. Wallpapers have been present since the 18th century, and different designs have been developed.

By the beginning of the 20th century, this art had become a vital wall finishing in most homes but lost its popularity to plain painting halfway. However, manufacturers have been recreating them constantly, including advantageous features like safeguarding walls from earthquakes.

Below we discuss the most common types of wallpapers.

1. Metallic Wallpapers

As the name suggests, metallic wallpapers have thin metal film or thread layers folded within them to create wallpaper patterns. These wallpapers occur in silver, gold, and rose golds, among others. These wallpapers work best as feature walls, making your space shimmer.

Geometric wallpaper types look trendy and give your home a modern look.

2. Flock Wallpapers

Flock wallpapers are mainly used in master bedrooms and fit almost all spaces. These wallpapers were first made to imitate cut fabric hangings and are made using fibre rayons today.  Their manufacturing process gives them a raised or embossed surface available in different types.

Flock wallpapers have a mild embossed look, giving your premises an artisan look. However, putting these wallpapers in hallways or kitchens is not advisable.

3. Vinyl Wallpapers

Vinyl refers to a cheap type of plastic that is durable and low maintenance. These wallpaper types are non-woven, meaning vinyl is attached to a specific backing. They can be applied as a liquid-acrylic type on the front side.

Even though vinyl wallpapers are considered cheap options to improve your wall’s appearance, the correct vinyl wallpaper looks just fine. They are also suitable for all environments, including frequently used areas.

Vinyl wallpapers are perfect choices for individuals that love changing their wall’s appearance often. The main advantage of these wallpapers is they are available in different designs, textures, and colors.

4. Hand Screened Wallpapers

Hand or silt-screened wallpapers are perfect for individuals that prefer an artisanal look in their house. These wallpaper types are made using the hand and have unique sequences. This wallpaper also allows for paper personalization in every project, meaning you can choose any pattern and implant it on your wall.

5. Murals

Wallpaper Murals are ideal for those who love bold art pieces on their walls. They offer detailed photo imagery, explaining their popularity. A suitable wallpaper mural can fashionably include a sense of splendor to your walls.

These murals can also be used in all spaces; kitchens, hallways, and a child’s room. They also work well with showroom walls and other commercial spaces.

6. Myler Wallpaper

Myler wallpapers are made of polyester film and a printed paper base. They have a shiny or wet appearance that resembles foil wallpapers.

Final Thoughts

Wallpapers are materials pasted on a room’s walls to improve their appearance. They are available in different types, including murals, flocks, and vinyl wallpapers. Kindly reach out to us for more information.

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