At one point in time, buying paintings online was considered a risky business as you were never sure whether you would get what you’re promised or not. But today, with the Internet being so accessible, many stores and websites have started offering paintings and related products online, making it all the more convenient to buy paintings online and save money in the process. This list of top 10 painting websites in India can help you find exactly what you’re looking for so check it out!

1) The Bimba

The Bimba is one of the famous painting websites in India. It was founded in the year 2020 with a goal to make art pieces and paintings more accessible to every person online. They want to curb the distance between the creators/artists and buyers using their painting website. Their official platform is filled with amazing paintings such as Pichwai paintings, Abstract paintings, Madhubani art, etc. Each piece is well framed and safely delivered at your doorsteps!

2) Fizdi

Being one-of-a-kind painting website in India, Fizdi offers more than 4000 curated pieces of art from different artists and categories. If you want a painting that is neither too expensive nor too cheap, you can check out the Fizdi’s collection. This site is a best bet when it comes to buying paintings online for gifting purposes- after all it’s so affordable!

3) Artsera

Another famous painting website in India is Artsera. This site offers some extraordinary paintings that can change the feel and style of your interior within milliseconds. It has paintings from celebrated artists and rarely available styles like Pattachitra paintings, Madhubani Paintings, etc. You can even buy contemporary drawings from this platform. Talking about the core competencies of Artsera, they work at fair price, believe in customer protection, offer top-notch quality paintings, carefully source items, and extend extraordinary customer service!

4) Gallerist

Gallerist presents a hassle-free platform to both creators and purchasers to sell/buy paintings online. The creators can now market their skills and art pieces while customers can purchase them online without heading out of their comfort zone. From traditional Pattachitra art to contemporary abstract artwork, you can find a lot of collections.

5) BestofBharat

BestofBharat is another amazing Indian painting website that pays high attention to Indian art culture. It has taken a step forward to promote the richness of Indian art and creativity of Indian artists. The exclusive painting collection of this site will impress you for sure. You can paintings of all styles, including floral paintings, Indian art paintings, etc. As far as the quality and rates are concerned, they make sure you get the best of everything!

6) The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur is a medium extravagance platform which presents a hand-picked collection of exclusive fine arts from well-know creators. They have amazing collection of paintings that are true examples of creative workmanship, style, décor, and luxury.

7) The Engrave Website

If you want special artwork and craft pieces for home decor from famous Indian artisans, The Engrave Website is a platform that you must check out. The best part about this painting site in India is that you buy directly from the artist and not from any third-party seller. This makes it a trustworthy platform!

8) Craft Tatva

Craft Tatva is an prime online platform wherein you can discover the exclusive fine arts, independent of any specific category. Whether you want rich oil paintings, traditional mandala paintings or modern abstract paintings, this site has everything for your unique taste. They even have a separate category for affordable paintings so don’t forget to check it out!

9) ArtZolo

ArtZolo is a must checkout platform for all art lovers. It is a platform that makes buying and selling of paintings across the country easier than ever. You can buy paintings online from this platform by region, style, and subject. For example, if you are from Jaipur, you can buy Jaipur paintings, if you love Pichwai art, you can check out Pichwai collection, and if you love Holi artwork, you can go for Holi paintings. In simple words, it has everything for everyone!

10) Varna Chitra

Varna Chitra is an art platform based in India, specialising in providing original works to people at affordable prices. Varna Chitra offers paintings by Biju P Mathew, a creator from Kerala, India. You can buy Paintings online from different collections that include landscape paintings,  figurative paintings and contemporary style paintings.  Most of the art pieces are acrylic paintings crafted in naturalistic oil painting style.  The paintings are affordable and beautiful!


These are the top 10 paintings websites in India that allows you to buy paintings online without any headache and too much money. You can consider them for personal use or gifting purposes- thanks to their amazing collections!

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