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Mistakes to Avoid on Kitchen Remodel


A kitchen can be a place to gather with family, making amazing memories. Perhaps you made your first two-layer cake there or tried an exotic dish for the first time. Many use their kitchens to help a child do homework, enjoy a mug of coffee, or just simply relax. But if your kitchen is not up to par, you may wish to consider a new kitchen design.

A kitchen remodel can be a huge undertaking, but if you know exactly what you want, that helps. However, as with every project, there are things you need to take into consideration. The first one is your style. Things come and go out of style, but if the trend of the year does not match your style, skip it. A kitchen remodel should not be all about what is hot right now. While you can incorporate some of these smaller things into the room, such as a periwinkle throw pillow on the breakfast nook or lemon garland on the buffet, you do not need to have every single piece labeled as trendy. Other ways you can make your kitchen trendy include dish towels in colors that pop, patterned rugs, artwork, or peel and stick tiles or wallpaper.

Manufactured countertops are a kitchen remodel fail. Natural materials are fair better. Look for marble, quartzite, or soapstone. Not only do they look great, but they will hold up as well.

Synthetic stones are popular for countertops though as they will not show wear and tear as bad. If you do decide on a synthetic one for your kitchen remodel, look for a durable model. You should stay away from any that have patterns on them or are an unusual color, such as sage green or lemon yellow.

Lighting is one element in any room that can date it. In a kitchen remodel, stick with pieces that are simple. Classic designs work best here. Black nickel and sphere lights will consistently be a style that won’t ever leave.

Think about storage. Many individuals say after a remodel has taken place they wish they would have added a pantry or storage closet. After all, there is a lot to store. Think of all the appliances you use, the food you have, the dishes you need, and more. Consider adding more storage than you have right now, even if it is just another cabinet. Not having all the clutter on the countertop can make the kitchen look and feel better.

Most importantly, pick function over style. Perhaps it is not trendy right now to have an island. But you know that it will make more sense to have one than not. Do not be swayed by the latest trend of not having one. You must pick what will be best for you over what is considered trendy right now.

To go with function, be certain to make the “kitchen triangle”. There should be an invisible triangle between the stove, sink, and icebox. These three are where you spend the most time when you are cooking. An optimal layout would be one that does not have anything in the way of the triangle, such as an island.

By avoiding these mistakes, your kitchen remodel can go much smoother. If you need assistance in making your kitchen remodel happen, call Hybrid Construction LLC in Tampa, FL today.

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