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Mark Roemer Oakland Ponders If All Cleaning Companies Are the Same



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, all cleaning companies may appear the same from the outside. However, two cleaning companies that operate in the same area can be vastly different in the type of service they offer, the quality of service, and other such factors. Let’s check out how these cleaning companies differ.

The Discussion

  1. Type of cleaning service – Cleaning companies specialize in different types of services. Some are great at domestic cleanup on a regular basis, while others are great at deep cleaning your home. On the other hand, there are cleaning companies that specialize in cleaning commercial spaces and those that serve the small niche of after-death cleanup. If you hire home cleaning services from a company that specializes in cleaning commercial spaces, you may not get the best deal.
  2. Customer satisfaction – It shouldn’t come as a shock that some cleaning services don’t care about customer satisfaction. They just offer a cheap service to most of their customers and those who are able to compromise with the quality of service become returning customers for the cheap price. That’s why they don’t care about their staff and usually have low staff retention figures and incompetent area managers.

On the other hand, cleaning companies that value customer satisfaction go above and beyond for their customers. They have efficient area managers who have fewer clients so that they can focus on their needs. These companies also care about their employees and pay them a living wage while putting them through strict training.

  1. Environmental responsibilities – All cleaning companies aren’t the same and it clearly shows in the cleaning supplies they use. Most cleaning companies that offer cheap rates usually use the cheapest chemicals and detergents they can buy in bulk. Most of those chemicals leave harmful residue and may be toxic for kids and pets at home. Those chemicals also pollute the environment.

On the other hand, reputed cleaning companies use green cleaning supplies that are not toxic and don’t harm the environment. Some go above and beyond to embrace the latest innovations like Electro-Chemical Activation that allow for effective cleaning of the home without leaving any harmful residue or polluting the environment.

  1. Insurance and background checks – While companies that try to outcompete others with the cheapest rates cut corners, reputed cleaning companies have background checks on their staff and make sure that they are bonded and insured. These companies have additional insurance so that you get compensated adequately if something goes wrong. Moreover, when the insurance company and its staff are bonded and insured, you are protected from liabilities when an accident happens on your premises.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you enquire about a cleaning company and ask them a lot of questions before hiring their service. Don’t be quick to choose a cleaning service that offers the lowest price. Make sure they are suitable for your home, have insurance, and that their employees have gone through background checks.

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