Clean Your Dryer

How to Clean Your Dryer


The leading indicator that you need to conduct specific cleaning maintenance to your dryer is if clothes are not drying as quickly or thoroughly as before. Cleaning the dryer often makes it run more efficiently and prevents hazards by eliminating clogs.

First, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions to confirm whether there are any particular cleaning instructions for your model before cleaning. It is advisable to clean the dryer at least twice annually to reach its best levels.

Let us dive right into how to clean your dryer.

1. Switch It Off

You should first unplug the dryer from the wall before you start cleaning to prevent electrical hazards. It is also necessary to turn off gas dryers, and you can call experts; suppose you do not know how to clean.

2. Pull the Dryer and Remove the Clamp

The second step is to pull the dryer out to get vent access. However, it would help if you first unscrewed the clamps that support the vent pipe. You can either decide to release or squeeze the clamp, but this depends on its type.

This is also the perfect time to inspect the vent to detect cracks and other deterioration signs. Repairing at this time also prevents colossal repair costs in the future.

3. Remove Clogs in the Vent

Inspect the vent area to remove accumulated debris or clog using your hands. However, you must have a unique dryer to reach the vent area when cleaning. Also, ensure you clean the vent tube.

4. Wipe the Dryer Drum

Residue from fabric softeners and dryer sheets can block your lint trap, adding a film to your machine’s interior. It will help to clean the drum once a month using water and white vinegar for the best results.

Wipe the drum using a microfiber cloth, and leave it open to dry.

5. Clean the Vent Ducts

Maintaining clean vent ducts found in the dryer back is essential for a safe and efficient appliance. Manufacturers have made things easy for homeowners by introducing rotary brush kits that enable them to maintain the vents without a professional’s help.

6. Ensure the Lint Trap is Clean

Getting rid of lint in the screen mesh is essential in avoiding fires because dust-free traps have better airflow. It is also advisable to remove the trap and vacuum the place when cleaning the dryer.

There are increased chances of residue buildup if you use fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Look out for this buildup and clean effectively using soapy water and a toothbrush. Get your dryer checked by experts at chimney Sweep Cleaning redondo beach at affordable rates.

7. Benefits of Clean Dryers

Dryer vents should be cleaned regularly for homeowners to enjoy their benefits. Below we discuss why you should wash these dryers often;

  • Faster cloth drying

Cleaning the dryer vent leads to a significant improvement in the time taken to dry our clothes.

  • To prolong the lifespan.

The main benefit of conducting maintenance practices is increasing lifespan, and dryers are not left behind.

Final Thoughts

Dryers are essential items in our households, and we should perform certain maintenance practices to prolong their lifespan. The above article has discussed some, and you can reach out for more information.

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