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Home design trends this spring


Interior design is an extension of self-expression, a way to show our favorite aesthetics in the world around us, and an opportunity to influence our mood. We have compiled our top spring 2022 home design trends to help inspire you to refresh, revamp, and enjoy your home as the seasons change.

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Inspired by nature

Our first pick for spring home design trends is surfaces and objects inspired by nature. Bringing nature inside doesn’t necessarily mean just adding some house plants. Think of pulling the outdoors inside in more unexpected ways. Consider adding stoneware, terracotta accents, natural woods, and marbles. The imperfect nature of these materials will add interest to your decorative pieces and mimic the refreshing feeling of the outdoors.

Shades of brown

Along the same vein of bringing the outdoors in, a spring home design trend coming for 2022 is adding shades of brown to your space. Instead of the predictable pastels and bright colors we traditionally associate with spring, brown hues like swatches of terracotta and deep chocolates will ground your space with richness and elegance.

Leather furniture

Playing off our last two trends, leather furniture and upholstery are having a moment this spring. The natural tones of browns add warmth to your space, while the organic finish of the leather material delivers longevity as it ages. Think of adding a leather accent chair or ottoman. Consider upgrading your couch to a leather counterpart for a timeless and on-trend look.

Maximalist design

Think more is more with this trend. Add bold color blocking to your space mixed with pattern clashes and varying textures for eye-catching interest. Consider adding a fun textured and patterned rug to your space and combine this with a differing patterned drape. These items traditionally would clash but done purposefully, it can create an interesting design in your space that is on-trend for spring.

Fluid curves

Create a contemporary space inspired by the fluid curves of the female aesthetic by selecting pieces with fluid curves. Consider soft arches, rounded furniture, barrel back chairs, spherical lighting, and soft edge pillows. These shapes reflect the natural curves of nature and tie back into our previous trend of bringing the outdoors in.

Dreamy outdoor living

Our final spring home design trend is creating a dreamy outdoor living space. As the temperatures rise, so does our desire to spend time outdoors. Creating an outdoor space that is an extension of your home offers you a piece of paradise within steps. Think of adding an outdoor kitchen or upgrading your outdoor furniture for a more modern look. Remember to consider outdoor lighting for landscaping, pathways, and in your outdoor living space.

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