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9 Tips for a restful bedroom


The bedroom is an important place in the house. We spend an average of 30% of our time in bed. A restful bedroom ensures that we can relax earlier, fall asleep faster and wake up pleasantly. This contributes greatly to a healthy night’s sleep.

In this article we list 9 tips to furnish a bedroom in a soothing way.

  1. Bedroom colors

If you want to paint your bedroom, think carefully about the colors because they largely determine the atmosphere. Tip: when choosing the colors, take into account your own preference and the space.

. Light, sober colors such as white and pastel shades make your bedroom an oasis of calm, but also create more space visually. Ideal if you have a small bedroom. Dark, deep colors like chocolate brown, dark green or ruby ​​red have the opposite effect. They make your bedroom smaller but create an intimate, cozy atmosphere.

. For a quiet bedroom that radiates calm, you can use blue in addition to white and pastel shades. This soothing color has a calming effect. This may seem chilly, but you can avoid it by using paints with soft tones. Warm lighting and decoration, in turn, create more atmospheres.

. If you want a cozy bedroom where you can relax in the evening, we recommend natural colors such as sand color, clay, grass green or terracotta. These colors are also timeless and can be combined well with wooden furniture and simple decoration.

. Bright colors such as intense red, yellow or orange are a good choice if you want an energetic bedroom that gives you a cheerful feeling. It’s perfect if you’re an exuberant type or if you have trouble getting up in the morning. Be careful not to make it too loud.

. Color combinations are also possible. Choose tone-on-tone colors so as not to make your bedroom too busy.

  1. Floor bedroom

When choosing a floor, parquet or laminate are preferred. Carpet feels nice and warm, but carpets have the disadvantage that they collect dust. And vacuuming every day doesn’t really save your back either. It is important that the floor is easy to keep dust-free and clean, especially if you are sensitive to dust.

A dark floor ensures that you experience less light when you get up and that feels nice. If you take a bed that is lighter in color, it will appear larger.

  1. Bedroom lighting

The lighting of the bedroom, but also the curtains should combine the practical with the romantic aspect. It is always useful if the wall or ceiling lighting can be controlled from the bed and can also be dimmed. Opt for warm, soft lighting.

A night light on the bedside table is useful, for example, in case you want to read a relaxing book for a while.

Tip: choose a wake-up lamp as an alarm clock. This gradually and automatically fills the room with natural daylight, which makes getting up easier and more pleasant.

Dark curtains don’t let light through and that’s better. The choice of fabric is personal, but roller blinds are always handy and better against dust mites. Make your bedroom as dark as possible. This way you can sleep in better when it gets light outside very early in the morning.

  1. Importance of the bed

When designing a bedroom, we immediately think of the Sleigh beds. Never choose a bed because it is beautiful, but because you will sleep well in it. One of the most important investments in life should be a quality sleighbeds. People are too often unaware of the need for this. A well-adjusted Sleigh beds increases the desire for bedtime. Thanks to an optimal night’s sleep, we wake up with pleasure and we have all the energy to start a beautiful day.

A Sleigh beds is best placed in the middle of the room. Not too close to the window or the heater. Also leave enough space around the edges of the Sleigh beds so that you and your partner can get in and out of the bed comfortably. So never place the bed with one side against the wall. A smaller bed is less comfortable.

  1. Bedding

Fine, good quality bedding also contributes to a better night’s sleep. A high-quality fabric feels more pleasant on the skin and distributes temperature and moisture better. Make sure that the bed radiates tranquility in its entirety. Therefore, choose plain bedding. Or go for beautiful Sleigh beds linen with a calm print. Busy, colorful prints give spice but create a restless feeling in the bedroom. Make your bed every morning, which ensures a calmer feeling in the evening. It has been proven that this also contributes to a good start to the day.

  1. Furniture

Only place the furniture in the bedroom that you really need. Too much furniture restricts the peaceful atmosphere. If the bedroom does not allow for another closet, find a space elsewhere in the house or have a closet built in, which will save you a lot of space?A wardrobe with sliding doors is an alternative. With a mirror you can make the room look bigger, but watch out for too much light, so that we can wake up earlier.

  1. Tidy up is neat

Of course, you can only relax in the bedroom if there is no clutter lying around in the room. Make sure there are no clothes on the floor and that everything is neatly stored, preferably in locked cupboards. An open closet or clothes rack is not exactly soothing. Full laundry baskets do not belong in the bedroom either. These give the feeling that there is still a lot to do, so you can’t relax. You notice the basic rule is actually as peaceful a sight as possible;all ballast goes better out of the room.

  1. Decoration and plants

With the right decoration you can brighten up a room. A cozy painting, a beautiful plaid or bedspread at the foot of the bed or a nice decorative pillow ensure that a room radiates a cozy atmosphere. But don’t overdo it, keep it limited.

Tip: keep the decoration in the same color palette as the rest of the bedroom. This way, the interior of the bedroom forms a beautiful whole.

Plants purify the air. They increase the humidity and produce extra oxygen. So conducive to a good night’s sleep. Plus, the bit of greenery in the bedroom is soothing to look at. Opt for air-purifying, green houseplants such as the aloe Vera, Sanseveria, grass lily or curly fern.

A television does not belong in the bedroom. Dozing off in front of the television results in a less deep and restless sleep. Other screens such as a tablet, mobile phone or laptop do not belong in the bedroom. It is best to rest your eyes an hour before going to sleep.

  1. Bedroom climate

The last tip for an optimal night’s sleep is to ventilate the room sufficiently during the day or to sleep with an open window. This allows us to breathe more fresh air. A bedroom that is too warm causes us to wake up faster.

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