Walls Like A Pro

Tips and Tricks on How to Paint Your Walls Like A Pro


The new year is an opportunity for you to freshen up your home and nothing says a new look and a change like a repainted wall. It really does have the ability to completely transform a space in a positive way, making it appear brand new. However, if you are seeking professional results, you may be underestimating the complexity of the task at hand. People often think it’s not rock science painting a wall, but there are certain tricks which make the final look go from a 5 to a 10.

That is why here at House Sales Direct, we have compiled a list of smart and unique hacks which will give you the best possible results and make your wall appear smooth and without any imperfections.

Tip 1: Get The Surface Ready

The first and most essential step in the painting process is making sure that the surface is smooth and clean because that will contribute to a more professional looking finish. If there has been any paintwork and therefore nails in the walls, you should remove them carefully and fill them in,preferably with a drywall compound mixture which is less likely to be visible through the paint afterwards. After that you would need to ensure that the surface is sanded properly so that there are no bumps and textures on it. Clean any dust and dirt which may have formed after the sanding, and you’d be good to go into the next step.

Tip 2: Protect Hardware

Before you begin painting, there is one more important task to complete to help protect your hardware. You must cover any sockets, doorknobs and skirting boards so that no paint drops fall onto them. You could do that by using masking tape along the edges to ensure a clean finish.

Tip 3: Use the ‘W’ Method

Many professional painters swear by this method and even though it is commonly used, it remains the most effective one out there. What’s more, it’s also a very easy way to paint your walls without feeling overwhelmed and without a plan. What you need to do is draw a massive ‘W’ on the wall to begin with and start filling in the separate sections. It’s a way for you to create smaller sections which are easier to paint.

Tip 4: Sand Before Second Coat

Even though you have sanded before starting, it might be worth giving your walls another sanding before you go into the second coat of paint. That will ensure that you keep the surface clean and smooth throughout the whole process and give you those highly desired professional results at the end. What could have formed in between coats are paint drops and random imperfections.

Tip 5: Put Roller InThe Fridge

If your project extends to the following day or you are taking some longer breaks in between, there is a smart trick you could do which will prevent your roller from drying out completely. Simply wrap it in a plastic bag and secure it nicely with a rubber band or tape. Put it in the fridge (not freezer) and it will be ready to use the next day!

Tip 6: Use Box Cutter to Remove Tape

Something which could make your work appear less professional is if there are any mistakes and visible peels, scratches and bumps on the walls. A dangerous stage in the process is when you are about to take the masking tape off because you risk peeling some of the paint off the wall. In order to avoid that, you should either wait at least a day before you do it or do it right after you’ve painted. The best time to do it is when it’s super fresh or completely dry. Having it still a little wet will result in worse results.

When it comes to doing some DIY projects at home without the help of a professional, it’s important to do your research beforehand and make yourself aware of all the essentials as well as useful expert tips too. There is plenty of information and professional advice shared on the internet daily, that it is easier now to achieve professional results without actually being one or hiring one. These tips will give you what you need to paint any walls around your house like a pro! 

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