Gas Hot Water System

Here Are the Key Benefits of Using a Gas Hot Water System


Investing in the right gas water heater may mean more efficient water heating and lower energy bills in your household. Approximately 22% of the average energy cost in a home is because of heating water, and it happens that natural gas is more affordable than electricity in many parts of New Zealand. This, in turn, translates to significant savings. In addition to that, the upgrade to gas hot water comes with many benefits, like the following:

1. Safe for the Environment

One of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions is a water heater. A water heater powered by natural gas often emits fewer greenhouse gases compared to a system fuelled by electricity.

For people who are budget-conscious and environmentally conscious, sticking with a gas water heater is a great option since it is five times better than electric tanks.

2. Heats Fast

With a gas water heater, you are sure to have access to heated water quickly. When you run out of water and want quick access to heated water, be sure to get it within a short time.

Therefore, the gas water heater is a perfect option that often serves most of your everyday chores as it may help you to save time. Not to mention, it is a good solution if you live in areas that have less sun consecutively.

3. Simple Installation

One of the greatest benefits of using a gas water heater compared to other kinds of systems is the ease of installation. It is easy to install a gas water heater especially if your property already has gas lines installed.

In addition, you can install it anywhere. Whether you want to install it outdoors or indoors, its compact factors allow you to fit it easily. Plus, since installation is simple, expect lower costs from service providers.

4. Constant Supply of Hot Water

A gas water system provides a continuous supply of water. This means there is no way you will run out of heated water. Electric water heaters take longer to heat up and can’t provide you with heated water when there is a power outage. However, with a gas water heater, you will rest easy knowing that you can have access to heated water whenever you want.

5. Minimized Maintenance Requirements

A gas water heater has minimized maintenance requirements when compared to other heaters. Plus, with a gas water heater, there is no leak or tank to corrode and zinc anode rods to replace.

6. Extensive Usability

If more control is what you are after, you may set up controls for certain outlets of water around your property to have exact temperature measurements. If you want efficiency, you may use a gas water heater with a solar water heater.

Final Touches

Nothing can beat a steamy hot shower during winter. But at the same time, you want reliability and to ensure you don’t spend a lot of money. With water heating adding up to 30% of the total power bill, you would want an affordable option, like a gas water heater. A gas water heater isn’t just an affordable option. It also has minimized maintenance requirements, guarantees a constant supply of water, and is safe for the environment.

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