Are you looking for a self-storage facility to store your household items, RV, boat, or vehicle? Whether you lack space or need a secure facility to store your items, you have to do your diligence to ensure you choose the right self-storage for your needs. Take your time to evaluate the costs involved, the nature of the facility, and the amenities available. Here is what you should assess when looking for a self-storage facility.


The facility’s location should be convenient for you based on your storage needs. If you need regular access to the stored item or items, you should opt for nearby storage units in Boise.On the other hand, if you don’t need regular access to the stored items, you can opt for a storage facility outside your location to save a few dollars. Most remote storage facilities offer significant discounts because they don’t necessarily have to pay colossal city center overheads. Most importantly, ensure the storage facility is convenient for you to access.

Type of storage you need

Which type of storage unit do you need? First things first, have an idea of the size of a storage unit you are looking for. Note that if you rent a small space, your items may not fit, and you may have to look for extra space. On the other hand, too much space is just a waste of money, and you want to save more on storage costs. Thankfully, reliable storage companies provide online calculators that can help you estimate the size of storage you need. Ensure it is suitable and cost-effective.


When looking for a storage facility to store your valuables, you don’t want something basic. The storage facility should have the highest level of security, including surveillance cameras and lockable accesses. Also, consider insurance and fire protection. Your valuables are a big investment, and you want to ensure they are safe while in storage. Therefore prioritize security and safety when choosing a storage facility for peace of mind.


Not all storage facilities are open 24 hours, so you have to consider how often you would like to access your storage unit. For many storage facilities, regular weekday access is allowed. With others, you may have to notify them before you drive to the storage unit to avoid inconveniences. Nothing is more frustrating than needing something urgently from your storage unit only to have to wait until days or hours later to access it. Therefore consider the accessibility when choosing a storage facility.


The cost of the storage unity should be reasonable and align with your budget. Ensure you are on the same page with your provider beforehand to avoid any hidden or surprise expenses in the long run. It is better to get a good deal that will remain the same. You can also compare quotes from different storage providers to take advantage of affordable storage units.


Choosing a storage facility is not something you should take lightly. Consider all the critical aspects to ensure that your items will be safe and secure while in storage.

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